Welcome to the Department of Architecture!

Our school is an exciting place for students to gain a broad range of skills and experiences. Students work and study with our talented faculty in many contexts: in the studio and the classroom, in our study abroad programs to cities around the world and in our Fabrication Lab, Structures and Environment Technologies (SET) Lab and our new Robotics and Digital Fabrication Lab (RDF Lab).

At FIU, architecture is an academic pursuit which involves learning by making and by experiencing the tangible realities of a building. We offer a vigorous 5- or 6-year Master of Architecture accredited by the National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB) and a post-professional Master of Arts in Architecture. After this robust education, our graduates will have engaged in the rewarding art of architecture and will be exceedingly well-prepared to contribute to practice and the profession, teaching or further graduate study.

I am pleased to report we are in the second year of our Integrated Path to Architectural Licensure (IPAL) program. Nine student interns are working at seven remarkable firms to gain the requisite internship hours needed for licensure and preparing for the Architectural Registration Exam (ARE). Please visit our IPAL page for more information.

Summer 2018 witnessed our largest study abroad program to date: 53 students and 8 faculty participated in our Japan program. These students and faculty visited and studied the extraordinary architecture and urbanism of Tokyo, participated in a charrette with Kokushikan University and visited the US Japanese Ambassador’s residence. Please visit our study abroad page. And I am pleased to announce our year Genoa program continues to grow with the renewal of the EU Erasmus Plus funding for student and faculty exchanges.

These are just some of the amazing highlights of our program. I encourage you to view our eFolios to see more of what we are doing!

Jason Chandler, AIA
Chair and Associate Professor
Department of Architecture