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Degrees and Programs

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A degree from the FIU Art + Art History Department not only develops your artistic technique and vision, but it also prepares you for the understanding of the methodology, theory, and criticism of art in all its forms.

Undergraduate Programs:

BFA Studio Track

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art – Studio Track

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Art is a professional degree program for artists very seriously interested in the evolution of their artistic expression. This program will require you to contend with yourself as an artist by fostering your dedication, the definition of your point of view, your ideas, and the quality of your ways of expression.

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BA Art History

Bachelor of Arts in Art History

The Department of Art and Art History offers a Bachelor of Arts in Art History that is designed to introduce methodologies and subjects of Art History from throughout the world. In addition to traditional European and American subjects from ancient to modern times, we offer a strong emphasis on Latin American art from Pre-Columbian to the present. The BA in Art History provides professional education as preparation for careers as art professionals and for further graduate study. The BA compliments our BFA degree program in art and provides significant interaction between artists and historians.

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BA Art

Bachelor of Arts in Art

The Bachelor of Arts in Art program is designed for students who do not wish to become professional artists, but who ultimately desire to teach at a primary or secondary level, or those students wishing to enter the art market other capacities, such as working at galleries or museums. The BA in Art would also be the primary degree for those wishing to pursue a Masters of Art in Art Education, Museum Studies, or Arts Administration.

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Graduate Programs:

MFA Studio or Curatorial Practice

Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts – Studio or Curatorial Practice

The Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts is an intense, production-oriented studio art program directed toward individual development. There are several tracks a student can choose from in this program. The curriculum is designed for maximum flexibility to accommodate both those seeking advanced training in a particular studio area and those whose interests may involve more media cross-over. Graduates of the program will be prepared for careers as professional artists. The MFA is the terminal degree in Studio Art. This program offers a Visual Arts track and a Curatorial Practice track.

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 Museum Studies - Non-Degree Program

Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies – Non-Degree Program

The Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies is an 18- credit program intended to prepare students for professional employment in museums and historic sites. The program offers graduate level courses appropriate for museum work as well as some cross-listed courses from associated academic disciplines.

Courses are most appropriate for people interested in museum careers and are designed to give a broad overview of museum history as well as a solid grounding in museological theory and practice. In accordance with the mission of FIU, attention is given to issues of diversity and multiculturalism, and the relationship of museums to changing populations and interdisciplinary trends in a variety of different collecting environments ranging from the arts to history, anthropology, archaeology, and the sciences.

This certificate program is open to both degree- and non-degree seeking students. Two core courses and an internship are required. Students are encouraged to pursue a variety of courses of study to address diverse museum situations. Internships for 6 credits may be completed at approved institutions. To begin your application, visit: Graduate Programs FIU 

For a complete list of requirements and course, visit: the FIU Undergraduate Catalog and the FIU Graduate Course Catalog