A degree from the FIU Art + Art History Department not only develops your artistic technique and vision, but it also prepares you for the understanding of the methodology, theory, and criticism of art in all its forms.

Bachelor of Arts in Art

The Bachelor of Arts in Art program is designed for students who do not wish to become professional artists, but who ultimately desire to teach at a primary or secondary level, or those students wishing to enter the art market other capacities, such as working at galleries or museums. The BA in Art would also be the primary degree for those wishing to pursue a Masters of Art in Art Education, Museum Studies, or Arts Administration.

For a complete list of requirements and courses, visit: A+AH Undergraduate Catalog

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Department of Art + Art History or the FIU Office of Undergraduate Admissions:

Department of Art + Art History
Florida International University
VH 216, Modesto A. Maidique Campus – Miami, Florida 33199
Tel: (305)-348-2897

Christopher Rodriguez Barake
Coordinator of Academic Support Services
Department of Art + Art History
Office: 305-348-6648 Email: crodri@fiu.edu

Maida Purdy
Academic Advisor
Department of Art + Art History
Office: 7-3539  Email: maida.purdy@fiu.edu

Daniel Hiram Zengotita
Academic Advisor II
Department of Art + Art History
Office: 7-7846  Email: dzengoti@fiu.edu

FIU Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Florida International University
P.O. Box 659003, Miami, Florida 33265
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