ARC 6970 Masters Project Studio + Seminar | LAA 6656, 5456 Graduate Design 1, 4

Urban Resilience: Miami River Corridor

[2012-2013] Miami Beach [2014-2015]

Marilys Nepomechie, Marta Canavés

This capstone studio in the Master of Architecture program, working in conjunction with second year studios in the Master of Landscape Architecture program and preceded by a Masters Project Research Seminar, worked with a multi-disciplinary team of university faculty funded by the NSF. Focusing on interdisciplinary research and design on the dynamic interactions between people and natural ecosystems in urban settings, students contribute to visioning exercises for the creation of a resilience plan to guide the gradual transformation of Miami Dade County over the next century in response to climate change. Students learn GIS, and dynamic mapping and modeling tools to support their design and policy proposals.

ARC 6356 Graduate Architectural Design 10

Urban Infrastructure: Developing a Resilient Regional Transect

This elective research studio contributes to a series of visioning exercises for the urban form of Miami Dade County over the next 100 years. Cities rely upon their soft and hard infrastructure networks. Environmental changes, including rising sea levels, stress and challenge those networks. In this studio, students research and document existing urban infrastructure systems as they are deployed across the varying conditions of the Miami Dade County transect, extending from the barrier island of Miami Beach to the wetlands of the Everglades. Using a range of visualization tools, including videography, interactive animation, as well as 2 and 3D models, they propose resilience plans for the county that respond to kinetic environmental conditions.