The constitution of the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts (CARTA) reflects a system of governance that is democratic, collegial, participatory, and representative of the diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and opinions of its faculty and constituent academic units. These units are responsible for the day-to-day implementation of CARTA’s mission.

The relationship between faculty who serve as administrators and faculty who primarily teach and/or engage in creative activities and research is one of mutual respect, trust, consultation, and cooperation. This relationship fosters and encourages the exchange of ideas for the purpose of advancing CARTA’s mission, vision, and goals without fear of reprisal for differences of opinion.


CARTA Faculty GovernanceResources


Faculty Senate Positions:

Jaime Canaves, elected 2015

Gray Read, alternate for Shahin Vassigh

Kathleen Wilson, elected 2014

Nurhayat Bilge, alternate for Phillip Church

Faculty Senate Alternates:

Lynne Webb

Academic Policies and Personnel:

Barbara Watts, elected 2014

Graduate Council:

David Rifkind, elected 2015

Honorary Degree and Awards Committee:

Catherine Benedict, elected 2014

Technology Committee:

Malik Benjamin, elected 2014

Undergraduate Council:

Karen Fuller, elected 2015

Library Committee:

Tony Galaska, elected 2014

Ad-hoc Committee on Continuing Service Review:

Lynne Webb, elected 2015



CARTA Steering Committee:

Chair:                               Gray Read, elected 2015

Architecture:                   Eric Goldemberg, elected 2014

Art & Art History:            To be decided

Communication Arts:     Nurhayat Bilge, elected 2015

Interior Arch:                  Philip Abbott, elected 2013

Landscape Arch:            Ebru Ozer, elected 2013

Music:                             Mesut Ozgen, elected 2015

Theater:                          Wayne Robinson, elected 2014


CARTA Curriculum Committee:

Architecture:                  Eric Peterson, elected 2014

Art & Art History:           Daniel Guernsey, elected 2015

Communication Arts:    Nathalie Desrayaud

Interior Arch:                 Janine King

Landscape Arch:           Ebru Ozer

Music:                            Karen Fuller, elected 2015

Theater:                         Rebecca Covey


CARTA T&P Committee:

Architecture:                  Jaime Canaves, elected 2015

Art & Art History:           Carol Damian

Communication Arts:    Lynne Webb

Interior Arch:                 Janine King

Landscape Arch:           Juan Bueno

Music:                            Kathleen Wilson, elected 2015

Theater:                         Lesley-Ann Timlick


CARTA Awards Committee – Ad hoc:

Established in 2015 to administer the CARTA Faculty Awards process, review applicants, and select winners.

Architecture:                   Alfredo Andia

Art & Art History:            Pip Brant

Communication Arts:    Daniel Blaeuer

Interior Arch:                  To be decided

Landscape Arch:            Juan Bueno

Music:                             To be decided

Theater:                          Michael Yawney

CARTA Constitution and By Laws Documents

CARTA Constitution


CARTA Assembly Meetings

April 28, 2015 – Minutes

December 11, 2014 – Minutes

April 24, 2014 – Minutes

December 12, 2013 – Minutes

November 8, 2013 – Minutes

Spring 2012 – Minutes

Fall 2011 – Minutes


CARTA Steering Committee Meetings

March 2, 2012 – Minutes

February 17, 2012 – Minutes

January 13, 2012 – Minutes

December 2, 2011 – Minutes

November 18, 2011 –Minutes

November 4, 2011 – Minutes

October 21, 2011 – Minutes

October 7, 2011 – Minutes

September 16, 2011 – Minutes