We are proud that the young CARTA Innovation Lab already has an impressive—and growing—list of affiliates.  These include:

Susan Amat, Founder/COE of Venture Hive

Armando Barreto, Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Director of Digital Signal Processing Lab

Lorenzo De Leo, Managing Director of Rokk3r Labs

Shamina de Gonzaga, Director, World Council of Peoples for the United Nations

Liliana Rincon Gonzalez, Assistant Research Scientist, FIU Adaptive Neural Systems Lab

Radu Jianu, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Director of the FIU Data Visualization Laboratory

Ranu Jung, Interim Dean, FIU College of Engineering and Computing, Director Adaptive Neural Systems Lab

Wei-Chiang Lin, Interim Chair, FIU Department of Biomedical Engineering

Francisco Ortega, Visiting Post Doc Fellow at the HPDRC in the College of Engineering and Computing

Andres Pena, Graduate Student, FIU Adaptive Neural Systems Lab

Naphtali Rishe, PhD, Eminent Professor, School of Computer Science and Director of the High Performance Database Research Center

Anil Thota, Research Associate, FIU Adaptive Neural Systems Lab

 Shahin Vassigh, Associate Dean, College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts, Professor of Architecture