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Welcome to the FIU Interior Architecture Department!

The FIU Interior Architecture Department advances the interior design profession through teaching, service, scholarship, and creative activities focused on the generation and application of knowledge. These activities concentrate on interior architectural practices that promote the well-being of individuals within local, regional, and international communities.

FIU’s Interior Architecture program is a beacon for meaningful and effective design activities. A distinct and dynamic community of creative and ardent lifelong learners, our faculty, and students are passionate about design and seek to investigate its countless contributions to society. Results from FIU Interior Architecture research, teaching, and service will help define interior architecture worldwide; sustain cultural diversity; and encourage global connectivity among peoples, ideas, and interdisciplinary fields of thought.

In order to produce leaders within the interior design profession the Department remains at the forefront of intellectual activity within the fields of interior architecture and interior design. We remain actively involved in the international community the program serves. Knowing about local and global practices of design, participating in the growth of the interior design profession, and engaging in trans-disciplinary, culturally-rich settings compels FIU Interior Architecture students, graduates, and faculty to imagine and create a world that embraces the future by means of responsible, sustainable, and inclusively built environments.

The Department mission and vision help guide goal setting and strategic planning. They have engendered the following goals which, in turn direct decision making regarding curricular offerings:

Goal 1: Build Leadership and Good Habits of Mind;

Goal 2: Grow Global Connectivity; and

Goal 3: Embrace Values, Ethics and Responsibility;

Department of Interior Architecture
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