FIU is an institution that prides itself on being at the forefront of higher education and preparing graduates for careers and leadership positions in the 21st century’s information and innovation economy.

As a public-private partnership, FIU iSTAR combines the expertise of research and teaching faculty; the energy and ambition of students, and the knowledge, application, and entrepreneurship of private industry professionals in an incubator-instruction-service model.

Housed within one of the nation’s most diverse and highly ranked, public research universities, FIU iSTAR provides consultation services, innovates and tests new technologies, and provides training and instruction in the creation of multimedia experiences (MME) in Extended Reality (XR), a related set of technologies that are changing the way we interact with the world and with each other: Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR).

Strategy Consultants

AR/XR Content Strategy and Co-Marketing Opportunities

In consultation with FIU iSTAR faculty and students, we can assist you formulate an AR/XR strategy that lays out which content elements should be image-tagged and what digital experiences should be presented when triggered. We can assist clients design a strategy to develop high profile in-depth features that connect marketers, content creators, event producers, and consumers.



Creative Storytelling Impact Through Digital Asset Development

FIU iSTAR students, under faculty supervision, can generate professional content in English and Spanish. We can create fresh 360 video, deliver stereoscopic 3D content, or repurpose existing video or infographics content.


IT Developers

AR/XR Application

FIU iSTAR faculty and students, led by Travis Cloyd, can develop white label AR/XR functionality within a client’s app or we can develop a state-of-the art custom-designed app. The app will access the smartphone camera and when focused on a designated image like the client’s logo, person’s name, or a photo will display a digital experience the user can view through the phone.


FIU iSTAR can assist you to formulate, develop, and execute your digital-first strategies in multiple ways:


Lee Caplin

Mr. Caplin’s many accomplishments include being Founder and Chairman of Picture Entertainment Corporation, the company that originated and produced the Academy Award nominated $125m film “Ali”, starring Will Smith, with Sony/Columbia Pictures. His book “The Business of Art”, is a 3-time international Best Seller.


Travis Cloyd

Mr Cloyd. Is an XR Director & Produce, entrepreneur, experience Creator, and innovator of new immersive technologies. He has directed and/or oroduced multiple cinematic virtual reality experiences with iconic Hollywood cast and International Superstars.


Brian Schriner

Mr. Schriner, Dean of FIU’ College of Communication, Architecture + the Arts (CARTA), has been involved in higher education teaching and administration for almost 30 years. Under his leadership CARTA has ascended to national prominence through a commitment to student success and experiential learning opportunities.


Teresa Ponte

Teresa Ponte, J.D., M.A, is chair of the Department of Journalism + Media in CARTA’s School of Communication and Journalism. She is an award-winning journalist with a 25-year career working at CBS News, NBC News, Telemundo Network, and Newsweek among other media organizations.


Aileen Izquierdo

Ms. Izquierdo is chair of the Department of Communication and Director of the Master’s in Global Strategic Communciation in CARTA’s School of Communication and Journalism. She is a communications professional with more than 20 years of strategic communications in executive positions.

Advisory Board
Affiliated Faculty


Summer Institute – May/June 2019

Faculty and students will receive intensive training in VR and the programs offered by iSTAR.

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Master classes – Fall 2019

Our network of AR/VR/XR experts and students will come to FIU, physically or virtually, and expand horizons about the possibilities of iSTAR.

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Skills Classes

Courses will give students the opportunity to work on their XR production skills with iSTAR experts and facilities.

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