With my background, what am I eligible for?
I am a transfer student. What classes should I take to be a competitive applicant?
Why do I need a professional/Master’s degree?
Why don’t you offer a BA/BA degree?
What costs should I expect?
What about my materials, supplies, etc?
Do I need a laptop?
What if my GPA isn’t a 3.0?
How do I apply; how much will it cost?
How do I get a Panther ID?
What if I want to visit?


Academic and Campus Life FAQS


How does parking work?
Who will be my professors?
Who will help me pick my classes?
Where will I live?
Where will I eat?
How do I purchase a dining plan?
Where will I study?
Who will be my friends?
What can I do for fun?
What happens if I get sick?