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Creative City Research Initiative

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FIU Communication + Creative City Research Initiative @ MANA Wynwood

Given our partnership with prominent urban theorist and economist Dr. Richard Florida and the Creative Class Group, there are several possibilities for establishing undergraduate and graduate course offerings in urban journalism and strategic communication, a news bureau for our School of Journalism and Media, as well as impactful research, creative activities, and community engagement. From bringing the arts to local schools and neighborhoods, to being a neighborhood resource center, to funneling capital and attention to meet pressing community needs, our students and faculty would use the location work with local businesses and strengthen our strategic reach in terms of the emerging scenes of visual communication, art, local businesses, and technology hubs.

FIU Communication + Creative City Research Initiative would house the:

  • FIU/CCG Miami Creative City Initiative, whose core mission is to position FIU and our partners at the frontier of thought-leadership on Miami’s emerging creative economy, to ground that thought-leadership in a concrete agenda for economic change and transformation in Miami, and to establish stronger even ties to key regional stakeholders in doing so. The initiative focuses on the transformation of Miami’s creative economy to a more fully realized entrepreneurial and creative hub, the role of arts and innovation districts in this transformation, and a program to train both city-builders and urban journalists in the tools and data required to spur this transformation.
  • FIU Eyes On The Rise (eyesontherise.orga multimedia content sea level rise tool that would be positioned for public use at the venue in order to allow community members to act as citizen scientists by not only using our application but providing their own content in the form of videos/photos/measurements to our interactive database. FIU Eyes On The Rise would be an extension of FIU’s Sea Level Solution Center.
  • FIU South Florida News Service Bureau, a reporting hub for journalism students focused on localized community reporting especially in the areas of art, fashion, design, and entertainment.
  • FIU BOLD PR Agency, an undergraduate faculty and student-operated full service pr and advertising agency that would offer, for a fee, professional communication services to the local communities.
  • FIUINSPICIO  (, South Florida’s first – and only – arts criticism publication housed in a university.
  • MS in Global Strategic Communication degree, which is currently a jointly offered program with the Miami Ad School located blocks away.