Architecture to Amazon

//Architecture to Amazon

Architecture to Amazon


FIU & GOJA eCommerce Entrepreneurship Graduate Class

At GOJA we believe every student should learn the fundamentals on how to sell on Amazon. We partnered with Florida International University to teach the fundamentals of the ecommerce business, including Pay-Per-Click, product design, and content development. Walter Gonzalez Jr, Founder and President of GOJA and John Stuart, Executive Director of FIU’s Miami Beach Urban Studios co-taught the class that provided the hands-on opportunity to learn how to thrive in the digital economy. ​This motivational and inspirational video provides insights on how to sell online, how to sell on Amazon and on how to increase the chances of success finding ecommerce jobs.​ ​ We would like to thank the FIU leadership team for providing GOJA with the opportunity to be a part of the FIU Academic Calendar.​ If you found this video helpful please click thumbs up and subscribe to our channel!​

Digital GOJA Team​ Walter Gonzalez

John Stuart



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