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Miami Beach Urban Studios: JACEK J. KOLASINSKI

//Miami Beach Urban Studios: JACEK J. KOLASINSKI

Miami Beach Urban Studios: JACEK J. KOLASINSKI

Jacek J. Kolasinski

Jacek J. Kolasinski is a New-Media artist, an Associate Professor of Visual Arts and the Chair of the Art and Art History Department at Florida International University. He came to the United States from Poland where he studied history and philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations. Kolasinski received his MFA and BFA from Florida International University.

Pictured above is an exhibition that included works by Kolasinski, Roberto Rovira, and Orlando Garcia that explored Medieval socio-economic landscapes, New World ecological/urban migration, and identity.  The exhibition was on display at the Patricia & Phillip Art Museum as well as the Miami Beach Urban Studios. Stadtluft macht frei (urban air makes you free) is a medieval German dictum that describes a principle of law that offered freedom and land to settlers who took up urban residence for more than “a year and a day.”

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