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Conference: Xtreme LA Challenge

Each year a select group of landscape architects and students gather for a two-day design charrette aptly named XTREME LA. The event, co-sponsored by the Landscape Architecture Foundation and Landscape Forms, provides an intense creative experience focused on a critical landscape planning and design challenge.


Roberto Rovira  was invited to be a part of the 2018 “XREME LA CHALLENGE” which is a yearly three-day design charrette for a select group of landscape architects and students. The event is completely funded by the Landscape Architecture Foundation (of which I am a board member) and Landscape Forms, and brings together leading practitioners from around the country. It’s a great opportunity to get national exposure for our programs and is described as “an intense creative experience focused on a critical landscape planning and design challenge.” The projects in the past have ranged from coastal to cultural landscapes and infrastructure topics. I am proposing that we develop a project in Miami Beach dealing with extreme weather and will be working on a brief for next week. 15 LAEUD students would be selected to team up with 15 practitioners from around the country we would create 2 teams (1/2 students and 1/2 practitioners).

Liane: The MBUS calendar shows November 07-09 (Wednesday through Friday) as open currently, so I would like to reserve the three crit rooms for the duration of the event (or two of the larger ones if all three aren’t available). I will make an e-intro with Luane from Landscapeforms who will fly out ahead of the event to review the space and the logistics. They will interface directly with the hotel (20-25 rooms) and arrange catering etc., but would welcome your help in pointing them in the right direction I’m sure (I mentioned The Betsy as a possible hotel and venue for the dinner/cocktail).


The tentative event schedule would be as follows:

  • Day 1: 2:30-8pm: Guest arrivals; Site Tour; Welcome cocktail/dinner; Welcome by John Stuart and High level Guest presentation (Richard Florida? / City Manager or Mayor?); informational lecture(s) (Tiffany Troxler, me)
  • Day 2: 8am-8:30pm+: Breakfast and challenge review; Day Workshops and Working Lunch; Comment Session; Dinner; Night Workshops
  • Day 3: 8am-2pm: Breakfast/Team meetings; Reports/Presentations, Lunch and Departures booked no earlier than 4pm


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