Reception: Opening 2018 Journalists & Editors Climate Change in the Americas

/Reception: Opening 2018 Journalists & Editors Climate Change in the Americas
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Opening Reception 2018 Journalists & Editors workshop: Climate Change in the Americas

Climate Change in the Americas

March 27-28, 2018

Main Gallery

Reception Tuesday March 27  at 6:15pm

“Climate Change in the Americas” is the theme of the 35th edition of the annual Journalists & Editors Workshop on Latin America and the Caribbean to be held on March 27-28, 2017, at Florida International University’s Miami Beach Urban Studios. It is free and all are welcome, however space is limited so you must pre-register for each keynote and each workshop to participate.


Each year, FIU’s Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center and School of Communication+Journalism partner to provide a forum for journalists, scholars and policy-makers to discuss the social, economic and political issues facing the hemisphere. These conversations represent informed, interdisciplinary efforts toward enhancing and deepening news coverage, policy decision-making, and the public’s understanding of the region.



Theme: Climate Change in the Americas

In recent years the news industry has wrestled with the challenge of understanding and reporting on the world’s changing climate and the increasing number of disasters that some, but not all, attribute to that change. This event will bring together experts to explain the science — or lack thereof — and journalists to share the latest techniques in “how to” workshops.


This year we will have two keynote discussions exploring climate change topics relevant to South Florida, Latin America, and the Caribbean societies. The first will be a lively advocates and skeptics debate moderated by [name here], and the second an informative discussion about the realities of sea level rise. Attendees can expect perspectives from on-the-ground experts, media professionals, researchers, educators and students.



Who is coming?

The workshop attracts some of the top experts on climate change and global warming in Latin America from the business, nonprofit, and academic worlds, as well as policy makers from both international organizations and Latin American and Caribbean governments. Participants will also include professional journalists, technology enthusiasts, and students from the fields of Journalism, Communication, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Marketing, and Information Technology, among others.

To find out more please contact Sally Zamudio or Miranda Mulligan

Proposed Agenda

Tuesday, March 27

6:15 pm                  Reception and networking: Main Gallery

Welcome remarks:

  • Brian Schriner, Dean, College of Architecture + The Arts (CARTA) and School of Journalism & Mass Communication (SJMC)
  • Frank Mora, Director, Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center (LACC)

7:00 pm                  Keynote Conversation on Climate Change in the Americas

  • Natalia Lever, Manager for Mexico and Latin America, The Climate Reality Project
  • James Taylor, President of the Spark of Freedom Foundation and a senior fellow for environment and energy policy at The Heartland Institute

Moderated by TBC

8:30 pm Close

Wednesday, March 28

9 am                        Skills-based workshops: RM 472 & 473

  • How to Cover Natural Disasters on TV, Lourdes del Rio, Noticiero Univision National Correspondent (TBC)
  • The Experience of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico: How to cover the most devastating hurricane in Puerto Rican history, Sandra Rodriguez Coto, investigative journalist and co-founder of the Center for Investigative Journalism

1 pm                       Lunch and Learn: Main Gallery

  • National Geographic Grants Program, Kaitlin Yarnall, Vice President, Media Innovation, National Geographic Society
  • Knight Foundation, Jennifer Preston, VP/Journalism


2 pm                       Keynote Conversation on Sea Level Rise in the Americas: Main Gallery

  • Juliet Pinto (Journalism+Media) and Tiffany Troxler (Sea Level Solutions), FIU
  • Hal Wanless (Geological Sciences), U Miami

Moderated by John Morales, NBC Meteorologist

3 pm                       Reporting on Science and the Scientific Method with John Morales, NBC Meteorologist John Morales: Main Gallery

4 pm                       Skills-based workshop: RM 475

  • How to Face Climate Change Inside and Outside our Campuses, How to organize to promote and comply with climate change’s sustainability goals. : Natalia Lever, Manager for Mexico and Latin America, The Climate Reality Project


6 pm                       Close

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