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Dear All,


Stimulated by a recent call from NIH/NSF for Centers for Oceans and Human Health, and to be more responsive to any future calls, we have begun to draw people together into what is planned to become a virtual Consortium for Health and the Environment, or somesuch. The goals of this are to:


  1. Achieve a critical mass of researchers working in the environment- and health-related fields.
  2. Develop a framework of current interactions and foster potential collaborations.
  3. Identify research strengths (and weaknesses?) of the consortium – and from this develop “promotional” information for dissemination e.g. for Congress
  4. Develop a plan to be more responsive to future multi-disciplinary calls in the area of environment and health


The draft plan is form a Centre-like structure of virtual core facilities e.g. Biomarkers; Community Engagement; Administrative; and then 5-6 Research Project Areas, that can be substituted in or out of a proposal to meet the needs of a particular call.  We attach a general and specific example of proposal structures for your information.


We welcome expressions of interest from you.  Please respond by outlining (i) your research interests and (ii) facilities and resources. In the first instance, we have targeted Stempel, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Environmental Engineering, INWE, and Earth & Environment, but please feel free to forward to colleagues in other areas, or suggest them to us.


Please reply ASAP with your expression of interest to:


Thank you very much,



John Berry, Shanna Burke, Marcus Cooke, Piero Gardinali

SISH and Stempel