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Congratulations on reaching this point in your music degree!

In order to successfully schedule your recital, you must complete the the Application for Student Recitals. It is your responsibility to complete the form and obtain appropriate signatures. These completed forms will allow you to schedule and secure a date in the Recital Hall. Recitals may conflict with other student recitals but may not conflict with any School of Music concerts listed in the official concert calendar.

What follows is an outline of procedures to follow in scheduling and preparing for a recital:

  1. Register for a recital course.
  2. Consult on possible dates with Area Coordinator, applied instructor, and members of recital committee. Be sure to consult any other performers you may need (e.g., accompanists, collaborators in a jazz combo, etc.). Some areas require that the student pass a preliminary recital several weeks prior to the recital itself; consult your area coordinator for area-specific policies.
  3. Once a date is agreed upon, the Program Area Coordinator books the final recital date with the Music Main Office. The Program Area Coordinator, Applied Instructor, and Director of Graduate Studies (if applicable) must all sign form after date has been chosen and booked.
  4. If student needs a recording, contact Jacob Sudol at to make arrangements and payment.
  5. Deposit form in Jacob Sudol’s mailbox by October 1st (for Fall semester) or February 1 (for Spring semester). Forms with missing date information and signatures will NOT be accepted. Note that SUMMER student recitals are not permitted.
  6. If you’d like to have your recital appear on the School of Music events calendar, fill out the following student recital webform at least 6 weeks in advance of your recital.
  7. Prepare program and provide electronic copy to the Music Office at two weeks before recital date. Click here for the program template.
  8. The usual venue for student recitals is the Recital Hall (WPAC 150), but other FIU venues may be available upon request.  Jazz recitals are often held in the Instrumental Hall (WPAC 157). The concert hall is generally not available for student recitals, except for piano and organ recitals. The Frost Museum is also a possible concert venue. See below.
  9. No recitals may be booked in any hall at times when there is a concurrent School of Music event in the Concert Hall.
  10. For any student events (recitals, rehearsal, meetings, etc.) outside of class meetings and established ensembles rehearsals/concerts, the student organizing the event must obtain a faculty member’s signature.

Undergraduate Recital Recording

The information listed below is to explain the policy for undergraduate recitals, audition tape, and other competition recordings at Florida International University. Under no circumstances are recordings to be made for personal monetary gain. Students who violate these guidelines will be denied further access to the studio equipment and facilities.

  1. Undergraduate students presenting Performance and Composition recitals, audition tapes, or competition tapes in the FIU School of Music may be recorded for archival and audition purposes. A $75 fee will be charged for seniors, and a $50 fee will be charged for juniors. This fee will be used to cover the labor for the recording and editing process and is to be paid directly to the recording engineer. Contact Jacob Sudol at to make arrangements.
  1. Upper-level Music Technology students will be designated as the Student Engineers for Undergraduate Recordings. Students are required to make arrangements with the engineer directly. One can obtain a list of approved recording engineers from the SOM office or the Coordinator of Music Technology. This list includes the names along with contact information such as telephone numbers and email address. These students are the only authorized engineers for these projects.
  1. The recital must be cleared and on the calendar no later than five weeks into the semester in which the recital will occur. Additionally, all paperwork must be complete in accordance with the available student engineer.
  1. If the recording is an audition or competition tape, it is advisable that the student register their intent no fewer than two weeks prior to the scheduled date with both the Business Manager (to secure the room) and the available engineer. Also, the Coordinator of the Music Technology area must receive a request from the student’s advisor to use SOM facilities and equipment to make a non-recital recording.
  1. Students will be required to pay Student Engineers $75 for Senior recitals and $50 for Junior recitals. Audition and competition will cost $50 per hour. The following services will be covered: setting up the recording equipment, recording the recital or competition/audition recording, editing the recording, and delivering a CD-quality lossless audio files recordings via WeTransfer. If a student would like a CD of the recording, he or she will be required to provide the engineer with the CD. Please note: if the student does not pass the recital, you will still have to pay the entire fee for each subsequent recital for recording.
  1.  The Music Technology Center will provide the following equipment: two microphones, two microphone stands, proper cabling, and a portable recorder. There will be no mixers or effects units 7signed to the recording of the recitals and other