RDF student projects

Inauguration Scissors

The automation of ribbon-cutting for opening ceremony of the lab displays the design of a custom-made dynamic attachment for the end of the KUKA robotic arm. The attachment uses a pneumatic linear actuator to integrate with the robotic arm via a digital I/O (input/ output) mapping.

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Ceramic Extrusion

The architectural scale prototype clay tiles showcase the possibilities of using a clay extruder integrated with an industrial robotic arm. The modular ceramic bricks are based on the efficient use of structural forms to save material and create intricate geometries that reflect their purpose.

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KR 10-Robotic Assembly

The geodesic dome assembly showcases the robotic arm’s reaching span, accuracy, and agility.

The dome shape and the infills are produced through  integration of algorithmic design with advanced digital fabrication techniques.

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National Science Foundation Projects

Water Wand

An innovative instrument integrating temperature, depth, conductivity, salinity, and GPS sensors designed for the public use during the King Tides events to collect data on water level and pollution. The data is then transmitted via the instrument’s phone application to the scientific community.

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