With over 450 students, the Department of Architecture educates students in the profession of architecture to become thoughtful practitioners, critical thinkers, and broad visionaries with the skills and knowledge to enhance their communities and the built environment around them. Students arrive in the Department at various points in their educational careers—as freshmen, as third-year transfer students, as first-time graduate students, or as graduate students with the Master of Architecture degree.

Students also join the Department after their professional education, to join the Master of Arts in Architecture post-professional degree program. Students in this program are often presented with opportunities to teach, research, and explore topics in and concerning architecture, in close collaboration with our full-time faculty.

The Department has a world-class faculty engaged in architectural practice and research on issues of design, sustainability, history/theory/criticism, sea-level rise, digital fabrication, and a whole host of interdisciplinary areas that advance knowledge in South Florida and across the globe.

Together, the faculty, staff, and students build an exciting atmosphere of architectural innovation and exploration that addresses the needs of today, by engaging in the communities around us. The proof of our success shows in the way FIU Architecture graduates are sought after in the workforce and around the world for their exceptional skills, knowledge, and experience.

Department of Architecture
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