Philippe Morel

Philippe Morel is an architect and theorist, co-founder of EZCT Architecture & Design Research (2000) and initiator and founding CEO of the large-scale 3D-printing corporation XtreeE (2015). He is currently a Visiting Professor at UCL Bartlett and an Associate Professor at the École nationale supérieure d’architecture Paris-Malaquais, where he co-founded the Digital Knowledge department, together with Professor Christian Girard. He was previously an invited Research Cluster and MArch Diploma Unit Master at the Bartlett School of Architecture. Prior to this he taught at the Berlage Institute in the Netherlands (seminar and studio) and at the AA (History & Theory Seminar and AADRL Studio). His long-lasting interest in the elaboration of a theory of computational architecture is well expressed in his numerous essays, projects and lectures, and in Architecture Beyond Forms: The Computational Turn, an exhibition he curated at the Maison de l’architecture et de la ville PACA in Marseille (February 2007). Explicitly departing from Peter Eisenman’s dissertation, The Formal Basis of Modern Architecture (1963), the exhibition addressed both historically and theoretically the linguistic and computational turns in today’s architectural design.