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Bachelor of Arts in Art History

The Department of Art and Art History offers a Bachelor of Arts in Art History that is designed to introduce methodologies and subjects of Art History from throughout the world. In addition to traditional European and American subjects from ancient to modern times, we offer a strong emphasis on Latin American art from Pre-Columbian to the present. The BA in Art History provides professional education as preparation for careers as art professionals and for further graduate study. The BA compliments our BFA degree program in art and provides significant interaction between artists and historians.

Degree Program Hours : 120

Transfer students can verify prerequisites by visiting FIU Transfer and Transition Services – Transfer Guides

For a complete list of requirements and courses, visit: Undergraduate Art + Art History Course Catalog 2021-22

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Common Prerequisite Courses and Equivalencies

FIU Course(s)Equivalent Course(s)
ARH 2050ARHX050
ARH 2051ARHX051
ART 1201CARTX2011 or ARTX2022 or ARTX2033 or ARTX2054
ART 2300CARTX3005 or ARTX3016 or ARTX3107
  1. Basic design, Design I
  2. Design II, 3D, methods and concepts
  3. Design II, 3D, concepts & Practices
  4. Color, color & composition, color design, color theory
  5. Drawing I, drawing foundations
  6. Drawing II
  7. Intermediate drawing

Courses which form part of the statewide articulation between the State University System and the Florida College System will fulfill the Lower Division Common Prerequisites. Please visit for a current list of state-approved common prerequisites.

Lower Division Requirements12 Credits
ARH 2000 Exploring Art – GL3
ARH 2050 Art History Survey I3
ARH 2051 Art History Survey II3
ART 2300C Beginning Drawing3

Remarks: Admission to the program requires completion of appropriate General Education Requirements, CORE, or UCC requirements.

Upper Division Requirements60 Credits
ARH 3811 Studies in the Methodology of Art3
ARH 4450 Modern Art3
ARH 4470 Contemporary Art – GL6
ARH Core – One course from each of these areas:
Renaissance or Baroque3
18th or 19th Century3
Pre-Columbian or Latin American Art
or Art of the Americas
Art History Electives
(may include ARH Core areas and other electives)
ART/PGY Electives18
ARH 4970 Art History Thesis3

At least 9 of these elective credits must be courses outside the Department of Art and Art History. Students are encouraged to take courses in the humanities that pertain to Art History.

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Lauren Gentile

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