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Bachelor of Arts in Art

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Art program offers a wide range of experiences in studio art, including technical and formal concerns, experimental and conceptual development, while also allowing concentration in a focused area of study or exploration of other academic disciplines within the University. The BA in Art establishes the foundation towards an artistic career. It qualifies for advancement to graduate education such as MFA in Visual Arts, MAT or MS in Art Education, and MA in Arts Administration.

Degree Program Hours: 120

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Prerequisite info FIU Transfer and Transition Services :Transfer Guides

Degree requirements and courses:  Undergraduate Art + Art History Course Catalog 2023-24

Academic Standards

BA in Art  Major students must complete the four lower division foundation courses (12 credits) with a minimum GPA of 2.50 or greater in two attempts or fewer.

These courses include:

  • ART 1201C 2D Design
  • ART 1203C 3D Design
  • ART 2300C Beginning Drawing
  • ART 2330C Beginning Figure Drawing

Drops after the add/drop period, which result in a DR grade are considered an attempt in the course and count as an unsuccessful enrollment. Students who do not satisfy this requirement will be advised to change major to other degrees such as BA in Art History or BA in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Common Prerequisite Courses and Equivalencies

FIU Course(s) Equivalent Course(s)
ARH 2050 ARHX0506
ARH 2051 ARHX0516
ART 1201C ARTX201
ART 1203C ARTX202 or ARTX2031
ART 2300C ARTX300
ART 2330C ARTX301 or ARTX3302 or ARTX2053 or ARTX3104 or ARTX3055
  1. Design II, 3D
  2. Figure drawing
  3. Color, color composition
  4. Intermediate drawing
  5. Observational
  6. All courses except ARHX050 and ARHX051 require a “C” or higher.

Courses which form part of the statewide articulation between the State University System and the Florida College System will fulfill the Lower Division Common Prerequisites. Please visit for a current list of state-approved common prerequisites.

Lower Division Requirements 24 Credits
ARH 2050 Art History Survey I 3
ARH 2051 Art History Survey II 3
ART 1201C 2-D Design 3
ART 1203C 3-D Design 3
ART 2300C Beginning Drawing 3
ART 2330C Beginning Figure Drawing 3
Studio Electives 6

Upper Division Requirements 60 Credits
ARH 4450 Modern Art 3
ARH 4470 Contemporary Art – GL 3
ART 3820 Research & Development – GL 3
Studio & Art History Electives (6 Art History credits max) 39
Advisor Approved Electives 12

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