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Graduate Studio Request Form

Graduate Studio majors are eligible to request a Graduate Studio. Availability of studio spaces is limited. Depending on availability, a studio may need to be shared by two graduate students.  Graduate Studios are assigned by the Graduate Program Director.

Procedure for Studio Requests and Approval

1.    Submission of AAH-Graduate-Studio-Request-Form

2.    Graduate Program Director will review application.

3.    Studio Contract must be completed and signed upon approval of the request.

4.    Submission of key request form to FIU Facilities.

5.    Once key request is approved, student will be notified to pick-up his/her studio key.

Click on link to download AAH-Graduate-Studio-Request-Form

Click on link to download AAH-Graduate-Independent-Studio-Workspace-Agreement

Email your completed request form to:

Caitlin Maxcy
Administrative Services Coordinator
Department of Art + Art History