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Art + Art History Internship Program

ARH 4941 Internship

ARH 5940 Graduate Internship

GRA 4940 Graphic Design Internship

(BFA Graphic Design Students Only – Prerequisite GRA 4818 Graphic Design III)

BFA Graphic Design Student Blog :

The Art + Art History Internship Program provides A+AH Students with experiential learning opportunities within Museums, Galleries, and Design Firms across South Florida. Our students gain real world experience, develop valuable relationships, and insight that will help them begin their transition from student to professional.

Purpose: An internship experience provides the student with an opportunity to explore career interests while applying knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in a work setting. An internship also allows the student to network with professionals and gain insights into their desired career track prior to graduation. Success in an internship course requires self-motivation, sound time management, and the resolve maximize the overall experience.

Prerequisite: Students must have at least 60 credits completed and be in good academic standing. Students under 60 credits require permission from Department Chair of Art + Art History. This course may be repeated.

For each credit taken, a minimum of 48 hours must be completed. A 3 credit internship requires completion of 144 hours.

Credit hours (x) Hours per credit Hours required Semester Average hours per week
3 credits 48 hours 144 hours Fall/Spring 16 weeks 9 hours per week
3 credits 48 hours 144 hours Summer 12 weeks 12 hours per week

ARH 4941 / 5940 Internship Contract

GRA4940 Graphic Design Internship-Contract 

Success in an internship course requires self-motivation, sound time management, and resolve to maximize your overall experience. Your effort and commitment to each of these assignments will be the determining factor of your success in this class and your overall satisfaction with your internship experience. These assignments go hand-in-hand with your internship duties. They are the record and validation of your investment of time, energy and focus on your career objectives.

Academic performance expectations are the same as for a traditional course. Your professor will evaluate all your submitted work and assign a grade at the end of the semester. A 3-credit internship requires 144 hours of internship work – 9 hours per week during the Fall or Spring semesters, or 12 hours per week during the Summer semester. Along with completing the required 144 hours, the student is also responsible for the following:

  • Log of hours
  • Journal documenting tasks and accomplishments
  • Examples of work completed during your internship
  • Essay/Final Report – Summarizing overall internship experience (500 words or more)
  • Supervisor Evaluation

Grading Policy for Art + Art History Internships

  • Evaluation by supervisor on the job – 50% of the grade
  • Journal and log – 25% (FIU Faculty)
  • Final report – 25% (FIU Faculty)

The Department of Art + Art History updates its list of available internships on a regular basis. Students are required to contact their desired internship site and secure their internship ahead of attempting to register.

Questions about internships contact – Mr. Christopher Rodriguez Barake, A+AH Senior Coordinator of Academic Support Services at


  • Internship Request: or 305-348-2890
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume/CV

Available Internships

  • Curatorial and Exhibitions
  • Registration and Collections Management
  • Museum Education
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Internship Application:
Contact info:

Molly Channon | Student + Academic Engagement Coordinator
The Wolfsonian–FIU
1001 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

The Wolfsonian–FIU is offering exciting internship opportunities in our Registration, Exhibitions, Library, and Development departments. Projects may involve a wide range of tasks, from cataloging and preserving historical artifacts to conducting research and writing content for engaging online and gallery audiences, as well as organizing special programs and events. In addition to gaining valuable hands-on museum experience, Wolfsonian internships offer workshops, networking events, and roundtable discussions to enhance your professional skills. Work 15 hours a week at a pay rate of $20/hour.

Summer 24 Internships: application deadline is March 24 by midnight.
The following positions are supported by IMLS funding and earn $20 per hour. Students must apply through FIU Careers to be considered.

Development Intern | Job code 531744 | Apply
The Development Intern will work with The Wolfsonian’s Development team to support the museum’s membership program, rental contracts, and events. Responsibilities include conducting outreach, implementing community engagement projects, and developing strategies to increase membership. Other tasks involve forging strategic partnerships with businesses to boost event bookings, developing promotional campaigns targeting event planners, researching unique programming ideas for members, and collaborating with internal teams to execute programming effectively.

Exhibitions Intern | Job code 531742 | Apply
The Exhibitions Intern will play a role in supporting various aspects of Wolfsonian exhibition development. This internship offers an opportunity for hands-on training in the museum profession and provides an overview of museum exhibition operations. Tasks include preparing exhibition installation images for the website, archiving exhibition files, updating exhibition checklists with final text and images, maintaining exhibition records, and updating upcoming exhibition checklists in Excel, and assisting with projects related to scheduling, installation needs, and timelines.

The Library internship offers training and hands-on experience in caring for, documenting, and preserving rare books and ephemera. The Library Intern will become familiar with the responsibilities and roles of librarians and archivists while learning best practices for evaluating primary resource materials such as books, photographs, and manuscripts. Tasks involve accessioning and cataloging materials, creating archival enclosures for fragile items, conducting research about library items or topics, and digitizing historical collections. Additionally, there may be opportunities to assist with exhibition activities, process archives, help with inventory, contribute to metadata cleanup, or other special projects.

Working with the museum’s Registration department—the core team entrusted with safeguarding the institution’s collection, which ranges from paintings and sculpture to furniture and works on paper—the Registration Intern will assist staff with projects related to collections care and records for new acquisitions. Tasks include object inventory, cataloging, tracking, housing, handling, and packing, with additional emphasis on environmental monitoring and integrated pest management. Learning the policies and procedures related to the care, preservation, and documentation of the museum’s diverse object collection, the Intern will gain an overall understanding of the day-to-day responsibilities of a museum registrar.


Contact: Ms. Amanda Covach, Curator of Education at

  • Cover letter
  • Resume

Available Internships

  • Collections and Exhibition
  • Museum Education and Community Outreach