Silvia Márquez Pease

Associate Teaching Professor | Graphic Design
Ph.D. in Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Art Theory, from the Institute for Doctorate Studies in the Visual Arts (IDSVA) | M.F.A. & B.F.A. from the University of Miami
Dr. Silvia Márquez Pease is an interdisciplinary designer and theorist who teaches digital arts, design for social change, and design history and research. Dr. Pease previously served the Miami/Fort Lauderdale community as the Director of Education on the AIGA MIA Executive Board of Directors. Her design hybrid and online courses involve research, design thinking, and international collaborations, providing her students with a life lasting learning experience. Please visit and

For more than two decades, Dr. Pease managed creative teams integrating design, the needs of people, culture, and technology that resulted in meaningful and impactful work for business success. She was the founding Creative Director of Pease Design and Carregal Pease, multidisciplinary design firms providing startups and Fortune 500’s clients with the best design solutions and experiences. Such as: Selecciones Readers Digest, Guggenheim Partners, Pinta Art Fair, Publicitas, Mc. Donald Foundation, American Express Latinoamérica, Lufthansa Cargo, Corpevents, and Varta Batteries, among others. Dr. Pease was the senior VP for Global Branding at Isaac Daniels and Reel Code Media.

Pease studied poster and typography design with Swiss Bauhaus designers at Schule für Gestaltung University, Basel, Switzerland. She received an M.F.A. in multimedia design, and an B.F.A. in Design and Art History from the University of Miami, in Miami, and her PhD. in Philosophy of Aesthetics and Art Theory from the Institute for Doctorate Studies in the Visual Arts (IDSVA), in Portland, Maine.

As a researcher, theorist, and interdisciplinary artist/designer, Dr. Pease is involved in a variety of hybrid design projects, academic collaborations with South Africa and India, and theoretical writings. Through her artistic work, Dr. Pease has explored design, multimedia installations, interdisciplinary collaborations, and video. Her ongoing research project “Mujer Visible” explores the intersections of design philosophy, aesthetics, politics, gender, and Latin America to identify how visual plasticity serves to represent interests and reshape feminine identities and visibility.