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This 5-minute video provides an overview of all the pages within Handshake and how students can take advantage of its resources.

This 3-minute video explains how to upload a resume and/or cover letter and important tips for successful job searching on Handshake.

This 1.5-minute video offers a step-by-step highlight of how to create job alerts on Handshake.


Whether you are starting your first semester, about to graduate or already out in the workforce, our career specialists are here to support all CARTA students and alumni.

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Clotilde Picart-Laguer
CARTA Career Specialist
PCA 271B
Office: (305) 348-3007

Clotilde M. Picart-Laguer is a Career Specialist with more than 20 years of experience in labor law. Ms. Picart-Laguer holds a bachelor’s degree in Systems of Justice from Universidad del Sagrado Corazon in Puerto Rico, a master’s in Labor Relations, and a Juris Doctor from Interamerican University. She served as an administrative judge in labor matters and represented the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in labor and torts disputes and real estate endeavors. In addition, she was a solo-practitioner in family and labor matters representing the interests of marginalized individuals before the judicial court of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico.

She most recently devotes her time to higher education, beginning at FIU in 2017, teaching a variety of courses which include Public Speaking, Ethics in Communication, Interviewing Skills and Practices, Nonverbal Communication, and Business Writing and Oral Skills. Most recently, Ms. Picart managed the Communication Studio in CARTA’s Department of Communication, where she coached hundreds of students in honing their presentation skills. She believes in the power of mentorship and encouraging students to seek new opportunities.

David Telleria
CARTA Career Specialist
PCA 280B
Office: (305) 348-0552

David Telleria is a Career Specialist with an extensive background in facilitating students’ academic and career success. David holds a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication from Rollins College and a master’s degree in Mass Communication from Florida International University. Previous roles include Director of Student Services, eServices Coordinator, and Career Center Specialist.

Recently, David found his passion as an educator in the classroom, teaching Public Speaking and Speech and Writing for Business, among others. With experience and expertise in advising, academic support services, and teaching, David understands the student experience. He considers thoughtful self-analysis combined with strategic career exploration fundamental to achieving long-term and rewarding career success.


Thank you for your interest in our talented CARTA students and alumni; we greatly appreciate your partnership! When you hire our in-demand Panthers, they bring the proven value of their CARTA education, making them an outstanding asset to your team.

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+ FIU 

Connect with us on Handshake! With your Handshake account, you can directly search for and connect with CARTA students and alumni, participate in career fairs, conduct interviews and more!



Reach thousands of FIU students and alumni at once by posting your listing on FIU Handshake, our career development platform.


Showcase your company and recruit top FIU students by attending a career fair. Join us at one of our upcoming virtual events!


Give back to the next generation of CARTA students through mentorship and leave a lasting impact on the future.


4 easy steps to register your company

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Set up an employer account

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Our FIU Career Team will review and approve your account, ensuring you meet basic requirements, such as having a company email and physical office space.

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Post a job, register for career fairs and more!


4 Easy steps to register your company

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2 number small

Set up an employer account

3 number small

Our FIU Career Team will review and approve your account, ensuring you meet basic requirements, such as having a company email and physical office space.

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Post a job, register for career fairs, and more!


Handshake employer FAQs


Handshake offers a thorough article describing how to register and get started.  Make sure you select Florida International University as one of your schools.  Once you’ve requested to connect with FIU,  it can take up to three to five days to approve your account.

Under normal circumstances, it typically takes three to five days to process pending employer approval requests. If your request has not been approved after seven days, please log into Handshake and check your messages for any comments on your registration. If the registration is incomplete, e.g., there is no website address or the email domain does not match your company, there can be a delay in approval, or your registration may be declined.

Handshake has an article on best practices for getting approved at schools.

If you have an urgent need to post a job or internship listing for FIU students, please contact us.

The owner of your company profile will receive an email once you have registered and can approve you. If that person is no longer with the company, contact us for assistance.

Read this Handshake article for assistance on how to switch to the correct organization.


Please review this Handshake Help Article.  More job posting-related questions are answered here.
Once your account is approved, your internship(s) or job(s) will become visible to CARTA students under Job Postings. You can view all your CARTA opportunities under Postings/Jobs/All.

We want to help you find the CARTA talent you’re looking for.

To start, make sure you have a descriptive job title, e.g., “Customer Service Assistant,” instead of just “Assistant.”  The job duties and qualifications should be clear and specific.

Still need help?

Contact our Career Specialists, John Sotham and Ashley Rizzotto, who can help you promote your position and send a targeted email to your intended audience.

Yes! We are happy to help you promote your job to specific groups of FIU students by request. For help with Handshake and promoting your positions to our students, contact our CARTA Career Specialists, Ashley Rizzotto, Assistant Director Visual and Performing Arts and John Sotham, Assistant Director Communication + Journalism, at


Review Handshake’s support article

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In Handshake, click “Fairs” on the left menu.  To find upcoming FIU fairs, search for “FIU” in the key word field. Click on the fair name, then the “Register” button on the next page.
In Handshake, click “Fairs” on the left menu and then select “Show Registered Only.” We recommend you click “Follow Career Fair” on fairs for which you’ve registered to receive updates and easily find them in the future.

If you don’t see “Request an Interview” on your Handshake home page for FIU, and/or need assistance, contact us to request access to the service.

There are many ways to recruit at FIU, and our team is available to tailor a strategy that works best for your company.

Our many virtual and in-person options include:

  • Participating in a Career Fair
  • Hosting an information session about your company
  • Leading a workshop
  • Meeting with student organizations
  • Conducting interviews with targeted groups of students

Learn more about our recruitment options, and contact our CARTA Career Team today to start recruiting top FIU talent.

Once you have finalized all of the details, post an event on Handshake by going to “Create an Event” from your Handshake home page.  If you do not see this option, contact us to request permission to “post events” on Handshake.  You can also contact us to send a targeted email about your event to students in Handshake.


Review Handshake’s support articles


Handshake or CARTA Career Team success stories?

Ideas for how we can better assist you?

SHARE them with us!

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I hope that there are more people who care as much as Clotilde did. She was very helpful as she helped me to commit to finishing my resume.

Richard Sardina, Department of Art + Art History ('22)

The CARTA Career and Talent Development team has been such a vital part of my college experience and continuously finds ways to connect students with opportunities. My first year as a student within SCJ, I was able to attain a Social Media Internship with Crown Wine and Spirits during the summer semester. I would not have heard about this opportunity if it had not been for the consistent informative emails sent out by the CTD team. This communication and access to resources is what set me on the right track toward graduating and also attaining a job after graduation.

Ashley Nunez, Department of Communication ('21)

Thanks to the advice and support of career coach Ashley Rizzotto and the Handshake platform, I was able to land a remote job. Ashley has been an incredible resource and has eased so much of my anxiety while guiding me through the job searching process since I was new to it. My employer reached out to me through Handshake without me having to do much other than filling out basic information about my major, education, and skills on my profile.

Gabriela Rodriguez, Department of Art + Art History ('23)

John Sotham and I have been collaborating on my professional development since Fall 2020. I was struggling with my résumé, LinkedIn and Handshake profiles, and internship search strategy. It’s rare to seek advice from others and actually receive their time and dedication. John took his time to help me with every challenge I faced, no matter how small. His attention to detail is invaluable. I now feel confident presenting myself to potential employers. Thank you, John and CTD, for all of your help.

Raquel Batista, Department of Communication ('22)

I had an incredible experience with Ms. Clotilde. She was extremely helpful and guided me through each step and process…The intimate setting allowed for a focus on direct questions and concerns had.

Andrea Fonseca, Department of Communication ('26)

As a result of Ashley Rizzotto’s unwavering support and guidance, as well as the services provided by the FIU Career and Talent Development Department, I have landed an internship with Area Stage Company this semester as a production assistant. My experience has been so insightful and every lesson in the internship will be beneficial to me in the development of my career in theater and the arts. None of this would be possible without the keen insight of this department and its advisors. I found myself to feel more inspired, optimistic, and assured after every meeting with Ashley and the department, since she is very knowledgeable in any and all aspects of the arts, cover letters, and resumes. As a result, I feel more confident and prepared to continue to pursue other opportunities in theater, considering that any job in the arts is highly selective and competitive in nature.

That being said, I highly recommend any FIU student to schedule an appointment with the FIU Career and Talent Development Department. Especially if you are interested in theater and the arts like myself, the services and advisors are well equipped to help you take the next step in your future – no matter how daunting it may seem at first.

Emily Chavez, Department of Communication ('21)

The FIU International University Career and Talent Development Department was professional and very helpful. This is my second time using their resources, and it’s been positive overall. Their career fairs are particularly very handy for making connections and landing interviews.

I had the pleasure of working with Clotilde Picart Laguer on my resume some time ago. She was very straightforward and easy to work with. I told her my intentions, and we worked preciscely on that. I like that she gave me advice and provided critique on my writing and technical skills within my portfolio. I plan on booking another appointment with her in the future for when I need some constructive advice on a career-related decision. She’s a joy and a blessing! Best 1 hour I’ve ever spent!

Gabriel Capetillo, Department of Communication ('23)

Within my last semester, Handshake has provided me opportunities to look for jobs and stay connected with peers and mentors. By making an appointment through the Career and Talent Development Center, I was able to get professional critiques on improving my resume and cover letter and how to do a proper interview.

Christina Dunn, Department of Communication ('20)

Recently, my COM3110 Business & Professional Communications class invited the CARTA Career Team to give a presentation in our remote class.  We were their first presentation since the program began and we very pleased with how useful and informative our session was.   Ashley and John led the presentation and provided more than just a dry PowerPoint.   They were engaging with me, the students, and readily adapted to the questions and “flow” of the class.  They made our entire class a productive lesson and useful instruction about student career related development, important career fair information, strategic job search tips, discussed the important services they offer, and gave us some resume and writing tips.  The class presentations was tailored to our individual class curriculum and they were able to answer my student’s questions.    

CARTA faculty should enthusiastically take advantage of this useful, informative, and productive service and make it part of their class.  We hope to have John & Ashley back again soon for another session to discuss important career related services offered to students at FIU.    

Brian Siress, CARTA Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor

Ashley Rizzotto helped me with my resume, and…she made me realize that I have done so much during my time here as a student that can be reflected on my resume. It was a mind blowing and made me realize that I need to give myself more credit. Ashley made me feel very confident by the end of our session. I never really had someone see my potential in anything except for Ashley. I am grateful to have this type of resource available to me.

Cynthia Candelaria, School of Music ('21)

I’ve been speaking to Ashley Rizzotto and she’s been so helpful throughout the whole process. I’ve been trying to tradition fully into being a photographer so she’s been helping me with updating my resume and cover letter, as well as giving me advice with internships and possible part time jobs. I like how she takes notes as I’m talking it really makes me feel like she wants to help me and she’s actively listening as well by remembering the companies I mention. She’s really kind and I’m definitely going to keep coming to her for help as I further in my career. Thank you Ashley if you read this!

Maydiuly Baldriche, Department of Art + Art History ('22)

Through various appointments covering resumes, cover letters, and personal statement reviews, I have learned so much when it comes to crafting a letter or statement that stands out to recruiters and graduate admissions committees. I made sure to make an appointment with Ashley Rizzotto every time, as her guidance and insight provided me with so much confidence despite taking such a major step in my career. Before meeting with her, I had never written a personal statement or submitted a cover letter. With her help, she provided an outside point of view to the work that I had done so far and her perspective was very helpful in the creation and editing process. Most importantly, her guidance has gifted me with the knowledge to continue to apply for scholarships, internships, jobs, and more.

Emily Chavez, Department of Communication ('21)
I recently met with John Sotham for a resume and cover letter review and it was super helpful.
Anonymous Survey Participant

Loved how the career counselors automatically checked my resume and helped me improve it!

Anonymous Survey Participant

I had a good experience with Handshake while looking for a job related to my major in early 2020. The firm responded to me through Handshake… The feedback given on my resume before I sent my application was very useful.

Anonymous Survey Participant

It’s easier to target the jobs you are looking for and not run into scams or jobs that don’t apply to you.

Anonymous Survey Participant
[Handshake is] very straightforward and easy to use.
Anonymous Survey Participant

I love the number of opportunities gathered on one platform!

Anonymous Survey Participant


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We value the relationships that faculty and staff have built with employers in the community and around the globe. To maximize opportunities for students, alumni and employers, and to facilitate the dissemination of job opportunities, we ask that you welcome new employers to Handshake to post employment opportunities, sign up for career fairs and provide workshops.


If you already have a VIP employer and want to ensure that they continue to receive a personalized experience, our Career Concierge is here to help.

Our customizable high-touch approach is sensitive to specific needs and requests. We are happy to assist you with any request, large or small!


Our students’ professional success is a shared goal, and Handshake is FIU’s platform to connect students and alumni with employers.

Handshake can also link employers with FIU as a whole to meet employers’ recruiting needs company-wide, and it provides opportunities to engage our students through professional development workshops, virtual and on-campus interviews (post-COVID-19), and visits to targeted departments on campus.

Learn more

When you welcome an employer to Handshake, that employer will start by creating an account. Within 48-72 business hours, their account will be approved, or FIU’s Career and Talent Development team will provide detailed feedback on how to gain approval. Once approved, employers are able to post jobs and internships and register for events with Career and Talent Development and the CARTA Career Team.

Once an employer posts a position on Handshake, you can email your students a link to the job post. You can also reach out to your CARTA career liaisons, John Sotham and Ashley Rizzotto, who can help amplify the job posting to all or targeted groups of CARTA students and alumni on Handshake.

The more students actively use Handshake, the more applicants employers will receive. You can assist employers by promoting Handshake to your students: Remind students to activate their Handshake account, upload their resume for approval, and complete their profile prior to their internship/job search.

You can reach out to your CARTA career liaisons, John Sotham and Ashley Rizzotto, to verify if the employer is active and connected with FIU on Handshake and if they have any pending or active job posts. We can confirm the number of applicants once the job is closed.

Students who present professional resumes to employers are more likely to successfully secure internships and employment and best represent the quality of FIU talent, thus attracting more employers.

CARTA’s career specialists, Ashley Rizzotto and John Sotham, review resumes that are submitted through Handshake from all CARTA majors (undergraduate, graduate, and alumni). Within 2-3 business days of submission, students will receive notification whether or not their resume is approved.  If it is not approved, students will receive details regarding which areas to address and a recommendation to seek resume assistance by scheduling an appointment with a career specialist. We highly recommend that students get their resumes approved early in the internship/job search process because not having an approved resume can delay a student’s ability to apply for a position.



We are constantly striving to bring the most useful career resources to CARTA students, faculty, staff, and employers. Our job is to make the CARTA Careers initiative and Handshake work for you.

Not finding what you need?
Please let us know how we can better tailor our program to your needs and let us know what we missed.

Love something we are doing and want us to keep it up?
Let us know what is working for you!

Thank you for your time. We appreciate it!

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Faculty and staff can request workshops led by CARTA’s Career Specialists or FIU’s Career and Talent Development Department for classes and student organizations. Choose from a multitude of topics or customize a workshop to assist students in their career journey. Our career team is here to support you!

We offer many different types of career workshops including, but not limited to:

  • Introduction to Handshake
  • Career Readiness
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Resume Writing
  • CV Writing
  • Portfolio Production
  • Brand Yourself
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Researching Employers on LinkedIn
  • Networking Skills/Elevator Pitch
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Prepare for a Career Fair/EXPO or Conference
  • Considering Graduate School
  • OR Customize a workshop to match your needs!



  • Go to Settings
  • Click the “App” tab.
  • Scroll to the “Redirect Tool” (it’s a big blue arrow going in a circle)
  • Click “+Add App”
  • Change the name from “Redirect Tool” to “Handshake”
  • Paste the Handshake web address: (retain https://)
  • Make sure all of the boxes are checked.
  • Click “Add App”
  • Make sure the App is enabled.
  • Click the save button and refresh the page.
  • Voila!

Dean Schriner and the CARTA Career Team request all faculty to include the following Handshake verbiage in their course syllabi:


Handshake is FIU’s portal to employment opportunities. Each student is required to activate their Handshake account by the end of the semester. Visit CARTA’s career website to activate your account, schedule a career advising appointment, search for jobs, and more.

*Note to faculty:

Students can submit proof of completion to the faculty as a screenshot, or faculty can submit a list of students to our career specialists, John Sotham and Ashley Rizzotto, who can confirm that each student completed the requirements.

Faculty can also choose to require sophomore, junior, and transfer students to have an approved resume on Handshake and can require junior and senior students to have 100% completed Handshake profiles.

Dean Schriner and the CARTA Career Team request all faculty teaching capstone and/or professional practice courses to include the following post-graduate course verbiage in their course syllabi:

SDS 4320 | Career Development Post-Graduate Course

FIU offers all of its graduates a free, 1-credit, 5-week online career preparation course that is designed to help you refine your career goals and personal portfolio, prepare for graduate school, and connect with career coaches and employers. This self-paced course has both general and discipline- specific pathways from which you can choose.  Seniors in their last semester at FIU can register for the course before graduation.

Learn more and enroll now


Ashley Rizzotto and John Sotham conducted Handshake tutorials for CARTA faculty and staff during the week of December 1-4, 2020. Missed it or need a refresher?

Watch the Zoom recording

All CARTA faculty and staff play an important role in the professional success of our students. In Career Partners Training you will learn how to maximize your impact on the future of our students.

Career Partners is a 2-hour training to equip FIU faculty and staff with the necessary tools to have meaningful conversations with students about their career development and planning.  The Career Partners training covers Handshake, best practices for engaging employers, career developmental theories, assessment tools and NACE guidelines.

Learn more + register

As a CARTA faculty or staff member, you can access Handshake by requesting a student account.  This will allow you to view your students’ profiles and resumes and help your students find jobs and internships, including those posted by your employer partners.

Request a Handshake student account

We all want to help students achieve professional success, however, occasionally, assisting students in their job searches can result in unanticipated illegal or unethical actions.

Learn more


We are constantly striving to bring the most useful career resources to CARTA students, faculty, staff, and employers.

Not finding what you need?
Please share your suggestions for ways we can improve our offerings.

Love something we are doing and want us to keep it up?
Let us know what is working for you!

Thank you for your time. We appreciate it!

General questions: CARTA Career Team

Additional career resources: FIU Career and Talent Development