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CARTA Takes Miami Art Week

Art Week 2021

Monday, November 29


Organized by European Cultural Center (ECC) at Miami Center for Architecture & Design (MCAD) and Miami Beach Urban Studios (MBUS)
Faculty: Elisa Silva, Associate Professor

Location: Miami Beach Urban Studios (MBUS)
Time: 6:00pm – Talk with Curt Fentress and Gustavo Berenblum. Moderator: John Stuart
Time: 7:00pm – “TIME, SPACE, EXISTENCE” Exhibit Opening, Reception

The FIU New Music Ensemble presents a performance of contemporary chamber and electronic works. Jason Calloway, Artistic Director.

Location: CARTA Mana Wynwood
Time: 7:30pm-8:30pm

Founded in Fall 1987, the FIU New Music Ensemble specializes in the performance of contemporary chamber, experimental and electronic music with an emphasis in the music of the last 50 years. The ensemble’s instrumentation changes from semester to semester allowing for the presentation of a variety of repertoire. Performances include those on campus each semester as well as those in the community at galleries, libraries, museums, and other universities/colleges in the region. The ensemble has recently been featured at the Subtropics Music Festival, The Society of Composers National and Regional Conferences, and the National Conference of the College Music Society. To date the ensemble has presented music by a variety of composers representing a wide range of aesthetics, styles, and media from the US and diverse parts of the world including works written for the ensemble as well as works by young and established composers alike. The ensemble is made up of some of the School of Music’s best student performers.

Tuesday, November 30

“TIME, SPACE, EXISTENCE” Exhibit Opening, Reception

Organized by European Cultural Center (ECC) at Miami Center for Architecture & Design (MCAD) and Miami Beach Urban Studios (MBUS)
Faculty: Elisa Silva, Associate Professor

Location: Miami Beach Urban Studios (MBUS)
Time: 7:00pm

Our work Berenblum Busch Architects: Gateway to Ocean Travel

Location: Miami Beach Urban Studios (MBUS)

Thursday, December 2

Art Basel Reception // “Makos Warhol in China – 40 Years After”

Location: Miami Beach Visual Arts Gallery
Time: 6:00 pm-9:00pm

Book Launch // Strange Objects, New Solids, and Massive Things

by Winka Dubbeldam

Location: The Wolfsonian
6:00 pm-7:00pm – Panel Discussion Claudia Busch and Winka Dubbeldam
7:00 pm-7:30pm – Signing (museum shop) and tour offered for special guests (galleries)
7:30 pm-9:00pm – Reception (1st floor)

Saturday, December 4

Conversations | Immersive Installations?  Digital Experiences in the Exhibition

By Felice Grodin, Adjunct Instructor

Location: Art Basel (Miami Beach Convention Center)
Time: 3:00 pm-4:00pm

Biayna Bogosian, Assistant Professor 

Elisa Silva, Associate Professor

Claudia Busch, Associate Teaching Professor 

Master of Art Education Exhibition

By Felice Grodin, Adjunct Instructor

Dates: December 10, 2021 – January 2022
Location: Frost Art Museum
Opening Reception: December 10, 2021 4:00pm-6:00pm

Art Basel Mana Wynwood Mural Festival

Five MFA and BFA Students have been commissioned by Mana Public Arts to paint a large mural in Downtown Wynwood through Art Basel.

BFA in Art Thesis Exhibition

Dates: November 12 – 29, 2021
Location: VH Art Gallery, FIU Modesto Maidique Campus

“Twelve” MFA Student Exhibition

Dates: December 2-16, 2021
Location: Laundromat Art Space, Miami


Time Space Existence Exhibition

A Partnership between the FIU Department of Architecture, MBUS, Miami Center for Architecture and Design and the European Cultural Center (ECC) in the MBUS Washington Gallery an exhibition to celebrates prominent architects and their designs. The exhibition features the works of Curtis Fentress/Fentress Architects, Rafi Segall (MIT), Susannah Drake/Dland Studio, Janteen Lad, Paolino Di Vece/Di Vece Arquitectos, Bill Price, Biayna Bogosian (FIU) Kris Mun (ANFA), Maider Llaguno Munitxa (UCLouvain), Elisa Silva/Enlace Arquitectura

Dates: November 29, 2021- January 30, 2022
Location: Washington Gallery
Hours: M-F – 1:00pm – 6:00pm

Denise Scott Brown: Wayward Eye Exhibition

A solo exhibition of photographs from Denise Scott Brown making the architect, planner and theorist’s first solo exhibition in U.K. The exhibition features photos taken between 1956 and 1966 that illustrate Scot Brown’s explorations into urbanism, Pop Art, and the emerging architectural language of roadside America, ideas which would be published in 1972. “Such a study will help to define a new type of urban form emerging in America and Europe, radically different from that we had known; one that we have been ill-equipped to deal with and that from ignorance, we define today as urban sprawl,” Scott Brown wrote in 1977.

The photos provide insight into how Scott Brown, Venturi Izenour, and their students dissected commercial strips. Never before had such mundane elements been looked at through an architectural lens: a nondescript shot of a Dodge Charger driving down an L. A. freeway is deliciously titled Industrial Romanticism.

Dates: November 29, 2021- January 30, 2022
Location: Design Gallery
Hours: M-F – 1:00pm – 6:00pm

Refuseniks: Photographs by Gary Monroe 

Rebecca Friedman, Curator

The photograph exhibition features work by Gary Monroe and the series focuses on Jewish immigrants who landed in South Florida in the 1980s after being granted visas to leave the Soviet Union – usually after years of being denied, harassed, fired from their jobs, evicted from their living quarters, and sometimes jailed and tortured. Known as ‘refuseniks” because they were “refused” exit visa, many of them were professionals who took menial jobs, if they could get them, after applying to emigrate. This population reflects an experience that is almost forgotten and needs to be integrated into the larger story of refugees fleeing to the U.S. to avoid persecution. A substantial population of refuseniks immigrated to South Florida and created a community in Sunny Isles, as well as a smaller enclaves in Bal Harbour, Aventura, Sunrise, Hallandale Beach, and Hollywood.  Their story has a particular poignancy since along with simultaneous waves of refugees from Haiti and Cuba, this group of immigrants helped to change the face of South Florida. The experience of the Soviet Jews who found themselves on the “American Rivera” as the South Florida coast is known in that community, has been buried for too long and needs to be told and integrated into the rich and diverse history of immigrants coming to Florida.

Dates: November 3, 2021- January 31, 2022
Location: Lincoln Gallery
Hours: M-F – 9:00am – 5:00pm
Partner: M-F – Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab

Our role in Miami Art Week

Supporting world-class programs

CARTA is home to a number of leading-edge academic and creative activities that prepare our graduates to use the power of communication, architecture and the arts to advance culture, build community and address the most pressing challenges of the 21st century.

Engaging our community

CARTA is located in Miami, Miami Beach, New York City and Washington, DC, four of the nation’s most vibrant, diverse and creative cities. As a strategic community partner, CARTA produces talent that strengthens our nation’s economic and cultural development and positions Miami as an international epicenter for architecture, art, design and culture