Sound Box

Sound Box


Federico Bonacossa



Robotics & Digital Fabrication Lab

Music Department







Simple Ratios – Inside Sounds is a sound installation consisting of multiple individual sound boxes capable of producing two sustained pitches each. The boxes are tuned to a series of
specific ratios taken from the natural harmonic series of a single fundamental. Each box performs a single interval (octave, perfect 5 th , perfect 4 th , etcetera) that appears naturally within the harmonic series and may be used as standalone installation, but when played simultaneously the intervals are perceived as a single complex tone. The timbre of the tone will vary depending on the viewer/listener’s position in relationship to the boxes, as certain harmonics will be emphasized. The circuits are currently in temporary enclosures but will soon be installed in custom 3D-printed boxes that have been designed by Jorge Tubella and Nathalie Restrepo and will be printed at FIUs Miami Beach Urban Studios.







































































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