Mobile Virtual Reality Lab. Donor via Florida International University Foundation, Gutsche, Jr., R. E., PI.  November 2016, $3,000.

VR Research, College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts, Florida International University. Gutsche, Jr., R. E., PI.  October 2016. $2,000.

Mobile Virtual Reality Lab, FIU School of Communication + Journalism, Florida International University. Gutsche, Jr., R. E., Marsh, E., Sheerin, M., & Pinto, J. Co-PIs. July 2016. $20,000

Eyes on the Rise Sensor Project, Department of Journalism & Broadcasting, Florida International University. Gutsche, Jr., R. E., PI.  June 2016. $399.

Mayors’ Institute on City Design, National Endowment for the Arts, American Architectural Foundation, and United States Conference of Mayors. Nepomechie, M., PI., Marine, M. Co-PI. 2016. $50,000.

Una Marea Creciente (A Rising Tide): An Interdisciplinary work. Collaborative creative work.  James L. Knight Foundation and Faena Art.  PI: Garcia, O [Music].  Co-PIs: Kolasinski, J. [Visual Arts]; McGrath, C. [Creative Writing]; Soledade, A. [Dance]; Stuart, J. A. [Architecture]. 2015-18: $60,000 [Knight Foundation: $30,000, Faena Art]: $30,000].

Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: Education and Human Resources [IUSE: HER], National Science Foundation. Collaborative Research: Strategies for Learning: Augmented Reality and Collaborative Problem- Solving for Building Sciences. Vassigh, S., PI. 2015-2017: $201,500.

Transitioning Toward Sustainable Urban Water Systems [RCN-UWIN], National Science Foundation. Multi-University Network. Sukop, M., FIU-PI; Nepomechie, M, Mostafaviani, A., FIU Co-PIs. 2015-2018: $903,077.

Woodcrete: The Concrete for a Sustainable Future, Wells Fargo Foundation. Gelpi, N., PI. Rovira, R., Stuart, J., Co-PIs; 2015‐2017: $75,000.

Eyes on the Rise: Citizen stories, science, and expression. CARTA Interdisciplinary Seed Grant, Florida International University. Co-PIs: Canavés, M., Church, P., Gutsche, Jr., R. E., Jacobson, S., MacMillin, K., Nepomechie, M., Ozer, E., Pinto, J., Rifkind, D., Rovira, R., Villar, M. E. 2016: $3,800.

Energy Efficient High Rise Building Design and Energy Reduction Modeling and Cloud Service Simulations, University of Pesara and European Union. Taranto, Italy, Spiegelhalter, T. PI. 2015-2016: $20,000

FABRICATIONS with Wood Based Concrete, FIU ORED; Gelpi, N., PI; 2015: $20,000

Student Environmental Advocacy Corps Summer Program. Celebration of the Sea Foundation. Co- PIs: Welker, M. and Gutsche, Jr., R. E. 2015: $17,000 in funds and in-kind donations.

Climate Responsive, Carbon-Neutral Architecture Projects, Formedil & GARANZIA GIOVANI; Intelligent Energy Europe Programme. Spiegelhalter, T., PI., 2015: $4,000.

Energy and Climate Partnership of The Americas (ECPA) – Grant Assistance (CFDA), Number: 19.750, U. S. Department of State Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs. Rosales, C., PI. Spiegelhalter, T., Fonseca, B., Co-PIs. 2013-2016: $799,099.

West End Strategy: A Vision for the Future, Miami-Dade County Commission District 11. Newman, W.E., PI, Greiner, K., Co-PI, Rovira, R., Senior Personnel. 2014-2015: $100,000.

University City Prosperity Project, U.S. Department of Transportation TIGER., Jessell, K., FIU Lead. Rishe, N., PI; CARTA Participants: Rovira, R., Stuart, J., Drisin, A., Newman, W., Co-PIs, 2013-2017: $11,397,120.

Predictive Modeling Network for Sustain-able Human-Building Ecosystems (RCN-SEES: SHBE). National Science Foundation. Tao, Yong X., PI; University of North Texas, Co-PI’s: Zhu, Y., LSU; Lam, K.P., Cartes, D.A., Tolone, W.J.. Senior Personnel: Spiegelhalter, T., Hadzika-dic, M., Feiock, R., Thompson, R., Yan, W., Menassa, C., D’Souza, D.; Nepomechie, M., 2013-2018, $652,846.

Sea Level Rise South Florida: Crowd Hydrology. Online News Association Challenge Fund for Journalism Education, Gutsche, R., PI., Pinto, J., MacMillin, K., Jacobson, S. Co-PIs. 2014-2015: $35,000.

Agent Based Design Technology and Automation in the Sustainable Built Environment, Cejas Family Foundation. Spiegelhalter, T. PI., 2014-2015. $1,500.

Assessment of Programmes of the Built Environment in the Caribbean Higher Education and of Best Practice Training in Sustainability in other International Universities, Intelligent Europe – European Union | University of the Indies, Trinidad-Tobago, Spiegelhalter, T., PI. 07/31/2014-12/15/2014: $20,000.

Designing the Resilient City. Netherlands Consulate General in Miami and FIU College of Architecture + The Arts. Co-PIs: Nepomechie, M., Canavés, M. 2015: $2000.

MIAMI 2100: Envisioning our Next Century [Exhibition]. Cejas Family Foundation. Canavés, M., PI [Landscape Architecture], Nepomechie, M., PI [Architecture]. 2013-2015: $12,000.

Double Exposures: Socio-cultural Vulnerabilities in the Miami Dade Urban Region. [ULTRA-EX], National Science Foundation. Hollander, G., PI. Nepomechie, M., Canavés, M., Senior Personnel. 2009-2015: $350,000.

MIAMI 2100: Envisioning our Next Century [Catalogue]. CINTAS Foundation Fellowship in Architecture. Nepomechie, M., PI/ Architecture; Canavés, M., PI/ Landscape Architecure. 2012-2014: $10,000.

Designing Passive-Active and Adaptive Environmental Controls for Human Thermal Comfort in the new Structures and Environmental Technologies Lab (SET) as a Testbed for FIU. Paul L. Cejas Discretionary Fund. Spiegelhalter, T., PI. 2013-2014: $2,500.

Woodcrete | A Renewable Building Material. ALIED PREFER; Gelpi, N., PI; 2013‐2014: $37,500.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Technology and Science, P3: “People, Prosperity and Planet Student Design Competition for Sustainability”. Research Object: FIU SIPA. Spiegelhalter, T., PI; Pala, N., PI; Zhu, Y., PI. 8/15/13 – 8/14/14: $30,000

Solar Decathlon China 2013, FIU | Tsinghua University, ‘O’ House. U.S. Department of Energy and National Energy Administration China. Zhu, Y., FIU PI; Nepomechie, M., Co-PI + Faculty Advisor | Architecture; Spiegelhalter, T. Co-PI. 2012-2013: $100,000.

An Open-Source Integrated Computing Infrastructure to Support the Life Cycle Design and Engineering of High Performance Building. FIU-CEC Seed Grant (Project ID: 800000879): Case Study – FIU-SIPA. Spiegelhalter, T., PI; Zhu, Y., PI; Chen, SC; Graham, S., Luis, S., Pala, N., Vassigh, S. 2012-2013: $30,000


Cyber Enabled, User Oriented, Interoperability Modeling for Engineering Sustainable Built Environments, US | China Workshops. National Science Foundation 1207807, 1242177. Tao, Y.X., University of North Texas, PI., Co-PI’s and SI’s: Jiang, Y., Tsinghua, China; Lam, K.P., CMU; Spiegelhalter, T., FIU; Zhu, Y., FIU; Tolone, W., UNC; Tan, H., Tongji, China; Nader, R., UNT; Yan, D. (Manager) Tsinghua, China; Hadzikadic, M., UNCCU, Menassa, C., UWisc, Feiock, R., FSU, Deng, K., Barooah, P, Stan, I., Cao, Y., Cartes, D. 2011-2013: $600,000

Solar Decathlon 2011 | FIU PerFORM[D]ance HouseU.S. Department of Energy and National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Nepomechie, M. PI; Spiegelhalter, T., Rovira, R., Rosales, R., Zhu, Y., Co-PIs. Peterson, E. SI. 2010-2011: $100,000

Solar Decathlon 2011 | FIU PerFORM[D]ance House, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Nepomechie, M., PI. 2011: $13,800

Solar Decathlon 2011 | FIU PerFORM[D]ance House, Skanska, MC Harry, BNi, PMM, Project Caine, Professional Services + Materials [In Kind].Nepomechie, M., PI. 2011: $250,000

SET Structural and Environmental Technology Lab. FIU Technology Fee, Spiegelhalter, T., PI; Vassigh, S., PI.  2008-2010: $67,000

Building Literacy: The Integration of Building Technology and Design in Architectural Education. U. S. Department of Education. Vassigh, S., PI. Co-PIs, Senior Personnel: Spiegelhalter, T., Chandler, J., Danford, S., English, K., Khan, O., MacKay, K., LeCuyer, A., Özer, E., and Winer, E.. 2007-2011: $553,000.

Sustainable Integration of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. FIU Paul L. Cejas Family Foundation. Vassigh, S., PI. Ebru Ö., Co-PI., 2008-2009: $10,000

107th Avenue Expansion, Florida Department of Transportation, City of Sweetwater, FIU Metropolitan Center; Rovira, R., PI; Ozer, E., Co-PI, 2007-2008: $23,000

Solar Decathlon 2005 | FIU Engawa House, U.S. Department of Energy and National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Tao, Y.X., PI; Belcher, N., Chandler, J., CARTA Co-PIs. 2004-2005: $100,000.

The Flood: International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, Mare Nostrum: Miami-La Habana | Magic City-Novia del Mar, IABR. Nepomechie, M., PI/ Architecture, Canavés, M.,PI/ Landscape Architecture. 2004-2005: $6,000.

Single-family Neighborhood Modifiers, DCA Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program International Hurricane Center, Chandler, J., PI, 2004: $25,657

Impact Modifiers. DCA Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program International Hurricane Center, Chandler, J., PI, 2002-2003: $15,076

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