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Robert Bozeman ’15
Robert Bozeman





Taking his past tragedy and using it as an impetus for change, Robert Bozeman. Jr has spent the past years advocating against gun violence throughout South Florida. In February 2005, he was shot in the head at a club after an altercation broke out with two men. He was left to fight for his life for five days. Understanding how fragile life is and having been humbled by his experience, he decided to make a positive change in his life. With great determination, he fought his way back into the classroom, resolute to graduate with a B.A. in Communication Arts. The program has helped him become an effective speaker, build confidence to speak in front of crowds, and given him the tools to develop powerful messages .His campaign against gun violence uses his personal experiences to teach at-risk youth about the power of forgiveness. Labeled “The Anti-Violence Ambassador” by the Black Affairs Advisory Board, Robert Bozeman Jr. is a voice for today to speak a word of peace and inspiration to our future.

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Olivia Alvarez ’12
OLivia Alvarez




Alvarez graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s in Communication Arts and a minor in Global Media Communications. She was also appointed Student Ambassador for her program by Department Chair, Joann Brown this past spring semester. Prior to graduating, she began her role as Editorial/Marketing Coordinator for Selecta Magazine and became Managing Editor for CasaLife Magazine, Selecta’s sister publication. “Working for Selecta has truly been a remarkable experience, because not only do I get the chance to write about some of my favorite things—fashion and beauty, but I also get to work alongside an incredible team of professionals who are just as enthusiastic about their job as I am!” Aside from proofreading and editing the magazine each month, Olivia is responsible for putting together several columns, including Beauty, Women/Men’s Fashion, Jewelry and Decor. She is also responsible for Selecta’s Social Media sites and webpage, and also puts together Marketing agreements and sponsorships with other organizations. On her spare time, she enjoys reading books, blogging, filming YouTube videos for her channel, catching up with friends and family, cooking and playing with her two dogs, Harley and Valentino.”

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