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Resources and Forms

How to get your Panther Degree Audit

Click link for information on how to get your Panther Degree Audit.

What is a Panther Degree Audit?

Your Panther Degree Audit is your degree audit that will tell you what you have already done and what you have left to do in order to complete your Major. It keeps track of all of your requirements: University, College and Major.

  • Every time you complete a course that fulfills one of those requirements it checks it off and says EN
  • If you have satisfied a section or requirement it says SATISFIED, meaning you have met this requirement.
  • If you still have a requirement left over it says NOT SATISFIED, meaning you have not met this requirement.
  • If you are registered for a course that will fulfill the requirement, provided you pass it with the appropriate grade, the PDA says IP meaning In Progress.

Your goal (think of it like a video game) is to make all the “NOT SATISFIED”s turn into “SATISFIED”s. When that happens, and there are no more “NOT SATISFIED”s left on your PDA you get a message across the top which reads:



When you get that message that is a very good sign, though not a 100% guarantee, that you are ready to graduate at the end of the term.

Change of Program Plan (Major/Add Second Major/Add Minor) Form

To add a second major, minor, or to change your major, please review the requirements first. If you meet the requirements, then download the Change of Program Plan form, complete it and deliver to your assigned advisor.

FIU Readmission Form

To be readmitted to FIU please contact your assigned advisor to further discuss the requirements. If you meet the requirements, then download the FIU Readmission Form, complete it and deliver the form to your assigned advisor.

Certificate Application Form

Click here to download.

Area of Concentration Form

To update you Area of Concentration on your Panther Degree Audit, please download the appropriate form and drop it off to your assigned advisor.

Click here to download.

Enrollment Adjustment Form

Click here to download.

Course Substitution Forms

For Communication courses for other institution, please download & complete the form, and attach a syllabus to it. Please bring it to your advisor for review. The courses must be completed with a B or higher grade in order to be considered. If you meet the requirements, then download this Fillable SCJ Course Substitution form

Communication Arts Independent Study Form

Opportunities exist for students to conduct specialized intensive study under the supervision of a faculty member in the Communication Arts Department. If you meet the requirements, then download this Request for Independent Study.

SCJ Prerequisite Waiver Form

Courses that will require a prerequisite that the student has not yet satisfied will need to download this form fill it out and drop it off with your advisor. The form will be reviewed for consideration. This is not a guarantee. Please attach pertinent information to the form. If you meet with an advisor and have the necessary requirements, then download this Fillable SCJ Course Prerequisite Waiver form.

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