The Creative City @ Art Basel 2015

The Creative City

December 3, 2015

“The Creative City” brought together distinguished icons in art, architecture, design, fashion, and music for an intimate discussion about the opportunities and challenges facing top cities across the world. It asked: in an increasingly spiky world, how do we maintain the soul of our cities? How do artists and creators keep creating and how does the city inspire them?

FIU-Miami Creative City Initiative Miami Chamber of Commerce Event, January 13, 2016

FIU Miami Creative City Initiative Roundtable Event

Goal of event was to raise awareness of what FIU is doing around the ideas of design, innovation and the arts and to cultivate relationships with key stakeholders and potential donors.

FIU-Miami Creative City Initiative
Start-Up City: Miami

FIU Miami Creative City Initiative Kick Off Event

Reimaging Miami Beach’s Washington Avenue
January 29, 2015

FIU Miami Creative City Initiative eMerge Americas Event eGov

Government Innovation Summit May 4, 2015