*Please note that each of the following grants below requires two documents (1) Call for Proposal (2) Grant Application.

Both documents are available for each grant below in PDF format. Additionally, the Grant Application can be filled out online on the Grant Application page.


CARTA Interdisciplinary Seed Grants

CARTA Interdisciplinary Seed Grants support projects that engage in state-of-the-art research or creative activity that cut across various CARTA disciplines. The goal of the program is to promote collaboration among departments and enhance faculty competitiveness for external funding.

Awards are up to $5,000 for each academic year. Preference will be given to proposals that exhibit:

  1. scholarly merit and innovative aspects of the project.
  2. the possibility for developing the project for external funding.
  3. a well designed plan to achieve the project’s goals.
  4. the potential of gaining external recognition for the project team and the university.
  5. appropriateness of the budget and schedule in relation to the scope of project.



Principal investigators (PI and co-PIs) must be full-time faculty members on a continuous appointment of tenure-track or tenured with a rank of assistant professor or higher. The project team must be composed of three faculty members, each from a different department with at least one Tenure Track and one other faculty members from CARTA. Faculty may submit only one application as the Principal Investigator but they can be co-investigators on other projects.

2015-2016 Funded Projects

*Download the PDF application & call for the proposal.

Proposal calls will be available every Fall semester.

Seed Grant_Call for Proposal

Seed Grant_Application


CARTA Teaching Innovation Grant

“The College Of Communication, Architecture + The Arts (CARTA) Is Committed To Build Preeminent Programs By Strengthening FIU’s Capacity To Provide High-Quality Teaching.”

The Teaching Innovation Grant initiative is designed to enhance CARTA’s faculty and student success by supporting innovative and effective approaches to teaching. The initiative calls for novel pedagogical approaches in course design, material or curriculum development, assessment methods, use of information technology and etc.

Awards are up to $3,000 for each academic year. Preference will be given to proposals that exhibit:

  1. innovation in course design and content
  2. appropriate methodology for conducting the project
  3. quality and effectiveness of the assessment plan
  4. appropriateness of the budget and schedule in relation to the scope of project



Principal investigator (s) must be full-time faculty member(s) of CARTA on a continuous appointment of instructor, professional and tenure-track or tenured faculty. Both single investigator, and collaborative projects are welcome to apply.

2015-2016 Project Proposals are in progress…

*Download the PDF application & call for proposal.

Teaching Innovation Call for Proposals

Teaching Innovation Grants Application





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