Dear Partners,

As climate change impacts South Florida, what will become of historic Virginia Key Beach Park? With the revitalization of Wynwood, is it possible to design a residential project with a neighborhood feel that will attract diverse families, young professionals, and creative artists and entrepreneurs? To redevelop Liberty Square, how do we ensure that all stakeholders, from government leaders to residents to business owners, have a voice in key aspects of the project, including housing, public safety, economic development, historic preservation and art for public spaces?

These are just a few of the projects that Florida International University and FIU By Design have undertaken recently. As a unique research and service arm of the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts, FIU By Design provides students with distinct opportunities. By working closely with our clients and an award-winning faculty on real-life projects, our students gain invaluable experience. In turn, our clients receive answers to their most complex issues.

This booklet highlights select projects that showcase our unique approach in helping clients envision, communicate, and realize their ideas. We focus on innovative problem-solving and challenging projects that demand transdisciplinary, collaborative, and solution-oriented responses. Our success, and the satisfaction of our clients, partners, and community, comes from a dedicated and curious student body, guided by engaged faculty mentors.

As we move to expand our portfolio to seize new opportunities and address future challenges, we look forward to enhancing our relationship with existing clients and forging new partnerships.

Thank you for your interest in Florida International University and FIU By Design. Please contact us if you have questions or feel we could be of assistance with your next project.

Brian Schriner, Dean
Shahin Vassigh, Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Affairs
Mark Marine, Director FIU By Design

Brian Schriner

Shahin Vassigh
Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Affairs

Mark Marine
Program Director

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