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Richard Riley, President Clinton’s Secretary of Education, summed up the need for innovation to drive our future when he predicted: “The jobs in the greatest demand in the future don’t yet exist and will require workers to use technologies that have not yet been invented to solve problems that we don’t yet even know are problems.” As one of the first universities in the country to unite the creative disciplines, we established ourselves as leaders in innovative teaching and learning by developing unique, trans-disciplinary curricula that positions our students for success in the 21st century’s information, creative, and cultural economy.

We attract bright minds, innovators, and influencers. Giving to the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts helps support our mission to enroll and retain the most talented artists, musicians, architects, designers and communicators – regardless of financial status – who will shape a future we can only begin to imagine.

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“Being a Student That Started Off in Miami-dade College Pursuing a Career in Interior Design, I Noticed the Difference When Transferring to Fiu and How Much Funding Really Matters. The Money That You, as Donors, Provide Really Opens Us Up the Field, Especially in a City Like Miami, Where We Need That Exposure. So, Your Help Really Gets Us Started Professionally.the Award Gives Me a Sense of Accomplishment. It Goes to Further Show That I Made the Right Decision to Study Interior Architecture and That This Is What I’m Meant to Do.”

nicole alvarezCOMMUNICATION


“Having a Scholarship Isn’t About Winning Something. To Me, Having a Scholarship Means Opportunity. Without My Scholarship, I Wouldn’t Be Able to Carry Out My Academic Career to the Extent I Have. Thanks to My Scholarship, I Will Be the First Generation in My Family to Graduate. On Top of That, I Will Be Graduating With Two Degrees, Which No One in My Family Has Ever Done. I Recommend All Students to Apply for Scholarships, Because They Help You Incredibly.”

edgar sanfelizMUSIC


“Having a Scholarship to Me Is a Reassurance That I Am Not Alone in the Pursuit of My Dreams as a Musician. Being a Young, Immigrant Student Who Is Putting Forth Maximum Effort and Dedication to Fulfilling a Career in Music, I Am Ever So Grateful for the Great Support That Scholarships Offer to Students, Like Myself.”

lisa ballesterART + ART HISTORY


“Receiving a Scholarship Was a Very Big Deal to Me. It Not Only Meant That I Was Able to Finance Some Very Important Aspects of My Studies, It Also Made Me Feel Truly Valued as a Student at Fiu. So Many Things I’ve Done Would Not Have Been Possible if I Hadn’t Received the Scholarship. Also, My Family Was Extremely Proud of Me, Which Was a Huge Bonus.”



Your faculty support gift will help our world-class researchers pursue projects that contribute to breakthroughs, solutions, and innovation.




FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg and Provost Kenneth G. Furton recognized Communication professor Lynne M. Webb with the FIU Top Scholar Award. This prestigious honor celebrates faculty for outstanding success, including publishing prolific or award winning publications, in their fields. Webb’s work has appeared in numerous national and international journals including the Journal of Family Communication, Journal of Applied Communication, Health Communication, and Computers in Human Behavior as well as in prestigious edited volumes. She is the 2015 recipient of the Osborn Teacher-Scholar Award, the Southern States Communication Association’s highest award; in 2012, the University of Arkansas designated her a Fulbright Master Researcher. Dr. Webb exemplifies the best of FIU and serves as an inspiration to all.


Your project or capital contribution will renovate facilities, install state-of-the art equipment, and provide our students and faculty with the environments to inspire excellence:



2348360_Updated-CARTA-Innovation-Lab-imageHoused in the FIU College of Architecture + The Arts Miami Beach Urban Studios at 420 Lincoln Road, the CARTA Innovation Lab brings 3D printing technologies to new research in music, arts, design, theatre, and communication arts for the advancement of FIU students and faculty, our communities, and the world.

The CARTA Innovation Lab is where FIU 3D prints the future.

33 MakerBot Replicator™ 3D Printers + 5 MakerBot Digitizer™ 3D Desktop Scanners + 1 server+ 19 faculty + 3 staff + 999 FIU students + visionary private partners + thousands of community members = millions of solutions!

Our donors, patrons, partners, alumni, and sponsors enable the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts to enhance access and educational opportunities by providing scholarships, internships, study abroad opportunities, visiting scholars and artists-in-residence, operating expenses, and academic resources for our students. Everyone at the College extends their gracious appreciation for their generosity and continued confidence in FIU and the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts.




FIU’s collection of classical music has been enriched after accepting a generous donation by Julian and Judith Kreeger. The Julian and Judith Kreeger Collection, an archive of over 27,000 classical music recordings, was donated to the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts and includes albums, tapes, videos, books, and sheet music. It is believed to be one of the largest private collections of classical piano music, and places FIU in the company of top universities’ classical music collections around the world.

brunoMr. Bruno-Elias Ramos, principal-in-charge and founder of BEA Architects, is not only a long-time friend of FIU, but has also been integral in enhancing the Modesto Maidique Campus’ built environment through his work on the FIU Football Stadium, the FIU Graduate School of Business Building, and the Paul L. Cejas School of Architecture Building. During a recent luncheon held in his honor, FIU Provost Wartzok announced that Mr. Ramos made a generous donation to the School of Architecture.

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