Applied Research Methods in the Mass Media MMC 5440

Course Length: 3 Credits

This course focuses on the applied use of research in developing integrated strategic communication programs and campaigns. Students learn methodologies for conducting both secondary analyses, surveys, focus groups, participant observation, case studies and experimentation.

Ethics and Social Responsibility MMC 6635

Course Length: 3 Credits

Students will become familiarized with professional ethics and standards in advertising and public relations and examines the regulatory environment in which strategic communication takes place. The course also addresses communication and policy issues related to institutional ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Global Strategic Communication Management PUR 6607

This course acquaints students with the professions and practice of global advertising and public relations in a multicultural world. The course introduces students to the body of knowledge in strategic communication and helps students gain theoretical expertise that will enhance their professional competence in practice.

Mass Communication Professional Project MMC 6950

Course Length: 3 Credits

Students will be required to demonstrate excellence in an area of strategic communication study through the completion of a research-based project that contributes to the body of knowledge in their field. The course provides guidelines and direction to graduate students completing their Professional Projects.

Student professional projects may take one of two forms:

  1. Project (examples include: communications or public relations audit, case study, crisis management or campaign plan, etc).
  2. Research paper

Both types involve research; however, in project type A (plan), research plays a supporting role for making professional recommendations. The project type B (research paper) is a research-only project that focuses on conducting primary research to address a global strategic communications, public relations or advertising objective.

Theories of Mass Communication MMC 6402

Course Length: 3 Credits

Examine theories and processes of mass communication, with a focus on the use and application of communication theory in advertising and public relations practice.

Multicultural Communications PUR 5406

Course Length: 3 Credits

Explores the multicultural dimensions of communications with diverse audiences within the United States.

Advanced Communication Seminar PUR 6935

Course Length: 3 Credits

This course examines contemporary issues in the field from a communication management perspective.

Applied Media Communication Skill MMC 6412

Course Length: 3 Credits

The goal of this course is to help students develop professional-quality writing skills for communicating strategically and effectively in multiple formats and platforms. Upon the successful completion of the course, students will have a professional portfolio of writing examples.

Digital Media Management DIG 5569

Course Length: 3 Credits

This course examines various methods for and perspectives on managing digital media platforms and content for strategic communications. The focus is on the application of new technologies in public relations, advertising, marketing and branding.

Advertising and Public Relations Creative Strategy ADV 6805

Course Length: 3 Credits

Focuses on the conceptualization of breakthrough strategies and their application to all integrated communication tools. (Offered at least once a year).

Global Account Planning PUR 6806

Course Length: 3 Credits

This course introduces students to contemporary account planning and global strategic communication techniques. The focus is on developing research-based, creative solutions to business issues.

Global Reputation Management PUR 6610

Course Length: 3 Credits

This course introduces students to the role and value of strategic communication management in developing and sustaining an organization’s global reputation, identity and image, Students develop a final project that demonstrates knowledge and understanding of strategic communication best practices in global reputation management.

Independent Study MMC 6900

Course Length: 3 Credits

This course allows students to study specific topics of interest under the direction of faculty.

Prerequisite: Requires prior approval by instructor, graduate standing and full admittance in the program.

Media Planning MMC 6416

Course Length: 3 Credits

This course introduces students to the business of media and immerses students in the planning, selection and evaluation of traditional, non-traditional and digital media. The course covers the fundamentals of media planning/buying/selling, numerical analysis of media efficiencies, the use of media and consumer research and key performance indicators to measure media campaign success. Students learn how to formulate media plans targeted to consumers.

Social Media Metrics and Evaluation DIG 5167

Course Length: 3 Credits

This course introduces strategic aspects of social media analytics by highlighting metrics for assessing effectiveness of social media strategies relevant for global advertising, public relations and marketing communications

Global Communications MMC 5306

Course Length: 3 Credits

This course explores global markets and intercultural communications while providing advanced study, evaluation and application of cultural context, theories, stakeholders, and trends in media, advertising, and public relations.  Analysis of ethical, legal, political, and social communications issues around the globe.

Special Topics Seminar MMC 5932

Course Length: 3 Credits

A variable topic seminar dealing with issues of interest to the community. Examples are rights of high school journalists, cable TV, the use of mini-computers in creative communication. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. (Offered at least once a year).