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Now, in partnership with the Center for Labor Research and Studies, the Global Strategic Communications (GSC) Management track offers students the opportunity to obtain a master’s degree in Global Strategic Communications with a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building. This option, available online and on-campus, provides students with the skills necessary to effectively communicate, operate, and manage complex communication conflicts within the global market.  Students are required to complete 30 credit hours in order to obtain the degree and the certificate and can be completed in 12 months. Learn more here.

PUR 6607          Global Strategic Communication Management

PUR 6206           Ethics and Social Responsibility

COM 6318           Research Strategies

PUR 6956           Professional Project (Master’s Capstone)

PUR 6005           Theories of Mass Communication

LBS 5485               Fundamentals of Conflict Resolution

LBS 5X(TBA)         Organizational Conflict

PUR 6477             Strategic Facilitation

PUR 5476             Communication for Change Management

LBS 5465              Mediation Techniques (Certificate Capstone)