Master in Interior Architecture

Master in Interior Architecture

Florida International University’s Department of Interior Architecture is situated within two very compelling conditions: the diverse international community within South Florida and the rich interdisciplinary environment in the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts. This unique context inspires our interpretation of the interior design profession as an occupation that exercises many types of knowledge and operates within complex social, cultural,  technological, and artistic settings.

FIU’s Department of Interior Architecture provides students with a value added education that consists of small student-to-faculty ratios, studio facilities where students have their own workspace, study abroad options, and digital and fabrication labs offering advanced technology. The Department of Interior Architecture is an ideal setting where students are actively involved in learning and exploring the current and future roles of the interior design profession within a global society. More particularly, this context challenges our students to critically investigate the diverse roles of interior design and interior architecture, and inspires us to explore new avenues of thought and attitudes toward why and how we make human environments.

We focus on preparing well-rounded design professionals. Our interdisciplinary foundation coursework and our unique three years of professional graduate curriculum prepare our students to meet the profession head-on. Our graduates work in many different settings in the design of residential, commercial, and institutional projects. This exciting program has a strong emphasis on interior architecture and incorporates the recommendations and standards of national and local professional societies into the development of its curriculum.


The Master of Interior Architecture provides professional degree tracks that are intended for individuals with bachelor degrees from a variety of fields. This course of study has three tracks: a five-year track for students who begin as undergraduates, a two-year track for students with bachelor degrees in architecture or landscape architecture, and a three-year track for students with bachelor degrees in other disciplines.

The Accelerated Master of Interior Architecture (MIA) program provides a seamless course of study leading from undergraduate freshman year to the conferral of the Professional Master of Interior Architecture degree. The five-year Accelerated MIA track is comprised of 160 credit hours of integrated pre-graduate and graduate coursework. The degree consists of 73 credit hours of pre-graduate coursework taken over two years followed by 87 credits hours of graduate coursework. At the conclusion of 73 credit hours of pre-graduate study, students move directly to graduate study. A transition from undergraduate to graduate standing occurs during the fourth year after completion of 120 credits. Students must be in good standing with a 3.0 or higher GPA in graduate level coursework (5000 level or higher). A Bachelor degree is not awarded at any point in the program.

The department maintains close ties with interior design professionals. Our professional advisory board periodically reviews the curriculum to maintain program relevance. Students applying to the department should plan for the financial aspects of a design education. This includes the costs of computers, software, travel and field trips, tools and equipment, and modeling supplies. All students must have continuing access to a laptop computer through purchase, lease or other arrangements.

Student Work

Student work, submitted to the department in satisfaction of course or degree requirements, becomes the physical property of the department. However, students retain all rights to the intellectual property of such work. This work may include papers, drawings, models, and other materials. The department assumes no responsibility for safeguarding such materials. At its discretion, the department may retain, return, or discard such materials. The department will not normally discard the materials of currently enrolled students without giving the student an opportunity to reclaim them.

Interior Architecture Course Catalog

Course Catalog 2019-2020

Admissions Requirements for all Graduate Degrees in the Department of Interior Architecture

All applicants must meet University graduate admissions requirements. Applicants to the Department of Interior Architecture degree programs must also submit a portfolio of creative work for department review. The portfolio review examines evidence of creative ability, academic success, and professional achievement. It is an important component of the admissions process. Please contact the Department of Interior Architecture for specific portfolio
requirements. The deadline for portfolio submission is February 1st of each year. Portfolios submitted after this date will be considered if studio space is available. Students who have successfully completed the portfolio review process must also meet the minimum requirements of an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university with undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or hold a graduate degree from an accredited institution to be fully admitted in the graduate program. When the academic record is less than 3.0 GPA, the applicant must submit Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores.

Thesis Requirement

Interior Architecture graduate students in master degree programs are required to undertake a master’s project or a master’s thesis as part of their course of study at the Department of Interior Architecture.