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Newton Dsouza Prabhu
Chair and Associate Professor
Phone: 305/348-1875
Office PCA 279A
Katie Rothfield
Associate Teaching Professor and Assistant Dean of Students for CARTA
Phone: 305/348-1884
Office PCA 385A
Darci Pappano
Associate Teaching Professor
Phone: 305-348-4266
Office PCA 383A
Philip Abbott
Assistant Teaching Professor
Phone: 305/348-6701
Office PCA 385A
Esperanza Muiño
Visiting Instructor
Phone: 305-348-6914
Office PCA 272
Harvey Bernstein
Adjunct Professor
Phone: 631-537-4919
Office PO Box 195 Sagaponack NY 11962
Lisette Boosooboy
Adjunct Professor
Caterina Garcia
Adjunct Professor
Jissette Jimenez
Adjunct Professor
Marcia Lopes de Mello, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Leandro Lujan
Adjunct Professor