Vanessa Dihl Zaffari

Adjunct Faculty
Architect and Urbanist PUCRS — Bachelor degree, 2007 Graphic, Information and Product Designer Specialist UNIRITTER- post graduation, 2009 Healthcare Facilities Planning and Design Specialist Cornell University, 2012
Office PCA
I am an Architect, Interior Designer, Experience and Service Designer. I Innovate in each project, studying customers journey, identifying touch points and opportunities to add wow effects. I believe that the full experience is composed of the harmony between three variables: the space, the service and people involved in the process. I have 10 years of experience in Architecture, Interior Design, Exhibition Design, Comercial Architecture, POS design, Healthcare Design, Customer and Patient experience. My interests are Human Centered Design, EBD (Evidence Based Design), Positive and Cognitive Psychology, Empathy and Neuroscience studies.