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FIU’s Department of Journalism + Media

The Department of Journalism + Media in the School of Communication + Journalism is a dynamic, digitally centered environment, focused on creating innovative and entrepreneurial content while maintaining a commitment to the tenets of writing and the aims of journalism. Our faculty are internationally recognized for their work in researching the effects of social media, media literacy, and issues of power, race, and ideology in journalism.

Students in the journalism and broadcasting majors work directly with career professionals, conducting research and not just learning the trade of journalism in a digital age, but producing it. The student-led South Florida Media Network, for instance, provides students a laboratory environment to produce and publish high-quality journalism that appears in local media, including in the Miami Herald.

At the same time, students in the Digital Communication and Media major become some of the industry’s up-and-coming media professionals and innovators, tackling the trials of social media and enhancing communication through art, music, journalism, and other forms of expression.

Courses in the Department of Journalism + Media, allow students to:

  • focus on the advancements in television production and broadcasting become empowered to create change locally through documentaries
  • develop advanced and nationally recognized web-apps related to sea level rise
  • hone visual storytelling skills through virtual reality
  • publish journalism and scholarship in leading media outlets and in books, academic journals, and in even in public art installations

The Department of Journalism + Media is the place to position one’s self among professionals and scholars with networks and experiences that help students gain internships, produce meaningful messages, and prepare for innovative and advanced careers in building the next generation of media.