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Interested in applying?

We search for exceptional students that are interested in the art of communication, who wish to become the thought leaders and pioneers of tomorrow, and who are invested in pushing their talents and skills as far as they can.

All you need to enter the Department of Journalism + Media is a burning desire to convey a message, a story, a dream, a narrative or idea. You have to wish to connect with others, to help them see the world as you do. Connectivity is the way of the future, and those who are able to harness the tools and skills that allow for the most effective communication will be the thought leaders of tomorrow.

The Department of Journalism + Media seeks, above all, to enroll men and women who seek to connect and communicate with others, and who wish to take advantage of the incredible resources the department has to offer. A successful Journalism student is someone who combines curiosity with discipline, vision with training, and engage with both our faculty and students to both learn and contribute to the academic quality of our department.

Why choose the SCJ?

At the vanguard of pioneering programs, the School of Communication + Journalism (SCJ) at Florida International University is led by a talented group of global educators and professionals who stress teaching and writing excellence. The SCJ prepares students to respond to the rapid and dramatic changes in the media industry. It is the role of the SCJ to lead the way and chart the path for new directions in the industry – through its community engagement, cross-disciplinary programs, education abroad, global learning initiatives and commitment to research. The SCJ has a rich history of award-winning faculty and alumni with prestigious accolades, including eight Pulitzers Prizes, a number of Fulbright scholars and many Emmys, Silver Anvils, ADDYs and Clios, among others. Since its first accreditation in 1991, the School has distinguished itself as a leader in global and digital communications.

Limitless Innovation

The School of Communication + Journalism seeks to be the catalyst that is transforming the communications landscape. The SCJ anticipates social and industry changes, and regularly recasts its curriculum to stay at the forefront of communications. Our professors are recognized experts in their fields, and are passionate about preparing students to become digital and global communicators. The SCJ also engages the community and the world through excellence in partnerships and programs. Community-based news outlets and strategic communication campaigns with global companies serve a local-to-international base of clients and add real-world experience to each student’s education.

From our multimedia labs to our strong focus on scholarship, innovation and study abroad programs, the SCJ is helping to create the future of communications.

We are excited about sharing our collective energy and having the opportunity to collaborate with our students, parents, alumni and community partners to continuously advance our professions and elevate the integrity of our craft.

Choose from between five majors.

The School of Communication + Journalism offers different paths to achieving your Bachelor of Science in Communication, and a path to achieving your Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts. You can earn a B.Sc. in Communication by specializing in either Broadcast Media, Journalism, or you can earn a B.Sc. in Digital Communication and Media, a B.Sc. in Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communication(PRAAC), or a B.A. in Communication Arts. Each track features a different route toward your diploma, resulting in different skill sets and professional training.

Learn from world-class faculty.

Our prestigious faculty come from a variety of backgrounds.

Benefit from a truly diverse student body.

Our location in South Florida means that our student body is composed of a truly diverse array of people, ranging from locals to international students. Recognized as having one of the highest concentrations of Hispanic students, the SCJ will introduce you to a mosaic of cultures and nationalities.

How to Apply


There are two kinds of admission requirements

1. University Admissions Requirements:

All information regarding application, deadlines, costs, and admission requirements can be found on the FIU Admissions Homepage.

Note (for students applying to FIU): To be considered for entry into the Bachelor of Science in Communication degree program, incoming transfer students need to have a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA.

2. SCJ Admissions Requirements:

Please be aware that admission to FIU does not constitute admission into the School of Communication + Journalism.

To obtain full admission/upper division status into any of SCJ’s majors, FIU undergraduates and transfer students must have the following minimum requirements met:

  • 2.85 cumulative GPA (FIU+ Transfer)
  • 60 earned credits
  • MMC 3003 (Journalism + Media Orientation).


Registration Deadlines may be found in the Academic Calendar.

Registration Policies describe policies concerning Registration Week, Open Registration, Late Adds, Dropping and Adding Courses, Grading Options, Audits, and Late Drops.

Transfer Credits

Apply Transfer Coursework to UCC Requirements

The Panther Degree Audit (PDA) automatically recognizes FIU courses, but it is NOT programmed to automatically recognize many transfer courses. That’s why, if you are a transfer student and wish to have your transfer courses applied to the FIU University Core Curriculum (UCC) requirements, you will need to sit with an advisor and identify relevant transfer course work. Please contact your assigned advisor for more information.

Apply Transfer Coursework to SCJ Major Requirements

Transfer students may receive credit for comparable Florida state communication courses in accordance with Statue 1007.24(7) or for a maximum of 6 semester hours of communication courses previously taken at another academic institutions with a grade of ‘B’ or higher in each course. Each school has the discretion of using transfer course work in partial fulfillment of major requirements. For more information, contact your assigned advisor in the SCJ Office of Student Services.


All information regarding application, deadlines, costs, and admission requirements can be found on the FIU Graduate Admissions Homepage.


For more information on how to apply as an International Student please visit FIU Admissions Homepage.


The Department of Journalism + Media has a team of dedicated academic advisors, readily available to provide guidance with course selection and keep you on track for an on-time graduation. To make an appointment with an academic advisor, call (305)-919-5625.