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Undergraduate Admissions

Prospective Students

University Admissions Requirements

All information regarding application, deadlines, costs, and admission requirements can be found at

SCJ Admissions Requirements

Please be aware that admission to FIU does not constitute admission into the School of Communication + Journalism. To obtain full admission/upper division status into any of the SCJ majors, FIU undergraduates and transfer students must have the following minimum requirements met.

  • 2.85 cumulative GPA (FIU + Transfer)
  • 60 earned credits
  • MMC 3003 (Journalism + Media Orientation)


Registration Deadlines may be found in the Academic Calendar.

Registration Policies describe policies concerning Registration Week, Open Registration, Late Adds, Dropping and Adding Courses, Grading Options, Audits, and Late Drops.

Declaring your Upper-Division Status

Program requirement admission is a prerequisite for many of the upper-division courses taught in the SCJ.  Once you have met all three of the SCJ program requirement admissions criteria (MMC 3003, 60 earned credits, 2.85 cumulative GPA), you can declare your upper-division major with your assigned academic advisor

Transfer Credits

Apply Transfer Coursework to UCC Requirements

The Panther Degree Audit (PDA) automatically recognizes FIU courses but it is NOT programmed to automatically recognize many transfer courses. That’s why, if you are a transfer student and wish to have your transfer courses applied to the FIU UCC requirements, you will need to sit with an advisor and identify relevant transfer course work. Please contact your assigned advisor for more information.

Apply Transfer Coursework to SCJ Major Specific Requirements

Transfer students may receive credit for comparable Florida state communication courses in accordance with Statue 1007.24(7) or for a maximum of 6 semester hours of communication courses previously taken at another academic institutions with a grade of ‘B’ or higher in each course. Each school has the discretion of using transfer course work in partial fulfillment of major requirements. For more information, contact your assigned advisor in the SCJ Office of Student Services (AC2-320).