Need a promotion at work? Need to acquire new skills and competency in a brand new field? Or do you simply need to upgrade and enhance your degree? Whatever the reason, a certificate is a good way to go. Open only to degree-seeking students, the Lee Caplin School of Journalism & Media offers three certificate programs: Certificate in Media Management, Certificate in Visual Production, and a Certificate in Global Media Communication. Degree-seeking students must apply and be admitted into the certificate program.

Certificate in Digital Communication and Media (15 credits)

Learn to combine essential design fundamentals and combine them with modern visual media projects including graphics, web design, 3D modeling, and digital video to develop and introduce a range of potential design careers.

Certificate in Visual Production (15 credits)

Learn and develop visual storytelling concepts, including script/story development, film vocabulary, directing techniques: camera placement, lighting, staging a scene and communicating with an artistic team.

Global Media Communication (15 Credits)

(Formerly known as Mass Communication)

Develop competency in Communication from a global perspective and explore how it transcends Public Relations, Advertising, Journalism and Television.