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Andrea Igliozzi

Major: Broadcast Journalism – Minor: Social Media Marketing and E-Analytics

STEP Semester: Spring and Summer 2020

Background: I am Venezuelan. I have been living in the U.S only 5 years.

For me, SWAT and STEP have meant professional and personal growth. I am beyond thankful for this program.


– I have produced this promo for 6 different Univision markets.
– I produced the promo from scratch. I designed it in Photoshop, animated it in After Effects, and added sounds in Premiere. Also, it’s my voice!
– I loved working on this project. I learned about the process of designing promos and perfected my skills on After Effects.

– I produced a couple of proposals for Miami’s digital team and social media team.
– I produced this from scratch as well. I wrote it, recorded it, edited it and I also designed the graphics (this was one of the first projects I did, I believe that with all I have learned in SWAT, I would be able to do this now a thousands times better!)
– I learned the process of pitching ideas and projects to high executives!

– VAR Futbolero was actually a new show for Copa Univision. They asked me and Gerardo, one of their producers, to design all of the graphics for the show: lower-thirds, opens, closings, logo, and many more things.
– We did all from scratch. We were just presented with an idea and we created the whole look of the show.
– I perfected my skills in photoshop and learned the different elements that are needed for live streams.