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Brianny Viso

Major: Mass Communication, Broadcast Media

STEP Semester: Spring and Summer 2020

Background: I was born in Miami, my mother is Dominican and my father is Venezuelan.
STEP / SWAT has opened many doors up for me. They have taught me many tools and allowed me to use them on my own.
I have had the opportunity to make several connections and coordinate events on my own.
Working with the Operations team has been a fulfilling experience.


1. Univision Politics – SWAT Project:
Univision Politics presents Winning the Hispanic Vote.
I was the project manager / coordinator for this private live stream.
The first show was a sucess and so it continued to the next state.
The first privately streamed panel was recorded for the state of Arizona viewers, “Winning the Arizona Hispanic Vote.”
With host Heidi Renpenning, News Anchor of Univision Arizona and guest speakers Kathy Whitlock and Edwin Garcia.
The second privately streamed panel was recorded for the state of Florida viewers, “Winning the Florida Hispanic Vote.”
With host Sandra Peebles, News Anchor of Univision Miami and guest speakers Kathy Whitlock and Joey Figueroa.

2. Copa Univision – SWAT Project:
One of my projects that I enjoyed at SWAT was coordinating and being project manager for VAR Futbolero.
I worked with COPA Univision and the New York Soccer Umpire Academy to create a showcase of the show where umpires can meet to discuss plays and the rules.
COPA Univision presents VAR Futbolero presented by Enrique González.
— Analysis and Arbitration Controversy —
With the guests Jorge Ramírez, Jaime Herrera and Edilma García, who are the former FIFA referees.

3. Univision 19 – STEP Project:
Partnered with the market Univision 19 Sacramento, I was able to create a 30 second promo for the morning show “A Primera Hora”. ¡No se lo pierdan!
I created the script, edited the video, and edited my voice over.