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For Employers

Employers are the cornerstone of our successful internship opportunities, and we greatly value our collaborative partnerships.  If you have an opportunity you would like us to share with our student intern network, please complete one of the following options:

Since our students will generally secure their internships before the start of an academic term, post your opportunities in early August (for Fall semester), December (for Spring semester), and late April (for Summer term) to increase your chances of finding a match.

You may also publicize your internship on the FIU Internship Portal; however, opportunities posted via this means are made available to all FIU students, and not specifically to journalism and media students.  Visit for instructions on how to post to the FIU Internship Portal.

The following links provide useful information about creating internship programs:

  1. Creating and Planning a Successful Internship Program
  2. Internship Programs Under the Fair Labor Standards Act

If this is your first time offering an internship and you have any questions or require additional information about the process, please contact the internship coordinator, Lilliam Martinez-Bustos, at .