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Game Media

The Game Media major is designed for students transferring from the Miami-Dade College MAGIC program with an A.S. in Game Development and Design. MDC studentswho have questions about the admissions process to FIU may e-mail Kevin Mahabir at You may also call OneStop at 305-348-7000. Be sure to tell them you are from the MDC MAGIC program and you want to transfer to the BS in Digital Communication & Media at FIU. Other students may be admitted to this major with permission from the School Director. Students in the Game Media major must satisfy all the following requirements as instructed.

General EducationUp to 18 credits Students transferring from Miami Dade College with an Associate in Science degree may take 18 credits to satisfy missing requirements in General Education.

Core Degree Requirements (15 credits): All students in this degree must complete a degree core that includes five courses:

  • MMC3003. Journalism & Media Orientation – 0 credits – A course designed to provide students with a comprehensive overview of academic policies, procedures and requirements for matriculation and graduation from the Lee Caplin School of Journalism & Media.
  • MMC3303 Global Media and Society – 3 credits satisfies Global Learning – The course will familiarize students with a multi-cultural global perspective of a multi-media world. The aim of the course is to create a foundation of global media literacy.
  • MMC3123 Writing for Media – 3 credits – Writing for Media introduces students to professional media writing in journalism, broadcasting, digital media and social media.
    DIG3153. Writing for Film – 3 credits -An introductory course covering visual narrative scriptwriting for film. Students learn 3-act dramatic story structure, script elements and industry standards for developing short-form screenplays.
  • IDS3309 How We Know What We Know – 3 credits satisfies Global Learning and Gordon Rule Writing –Media literacy for digital natives.
  • MMC4200 Media Law and Ethics – 3 credits – An in-depth examination of legal and ethical issues confronting media professionals.
  • VIC3400. Visual Design for Globalized Media – 3 credits satisfies Global Learning* The course explores the relationship between images and messages in global media and the primary role that visual design plays in globalized media presentations.MAGIC transfer students who have taken DIG 1132 Digital Art and Design at MDC will get transfer credit for this course.

Major Specific Requirements (27 Credits):

  • DIG3306. Introduction to 3D Content Creation – 3 credits – Students will learn how to create simple 3D worlds by constructing, sourcing or scanning 3D assets and embedding them within 3D platforms.
  • DIG3001. Intro to Digital Media – 3 credits – The history and cultural, social, economic impact of digital media.
  • DIG3715. Game Lab 1 – 3 credits -This course will cover the fundamental principles of Game Engine programming such as basic collision detection, input detection, instantiate, and the terminology and theory behind them.
  • DIG4770. Game Lab 2 – 3 credits -In this course, students will learn techniques for using AI in the design of computer games.
  • DIG3727. Game Workshop 1 – 3 credits -Students will examine the process of level layout, become familiar with the concepts of pathing and reveals, and recognize the importance of the use of modularity and elevation.
  • DIG 4961. Game Workshop 2 – 3 credits- Students will analyze and build 3D-environments for digital games, focusing on the implementation of techniques in the production of modular environments.
  • DIG4950. Game Project Development – 3 credits – Senior pre-capstone project planning course.
  • DIG4800. Digital Theories – 3 credits – This course explores the ideas driving our understanding of digital media.
  • DIG4552. Advanced Multimedia Production Capstone – 3 credits – Senior capstone project production course.

School of Journalism & Media Electives: Students in the Game Media major who have satisfied all of their General Education, Core Degree and Major-Specific requirements and who are still shy of the 120 credits needed to graduate, may choose any course at the 3000/4000 level from ADV, COM, DIG, JOU, MMC, PUR, RTV, SPC.

How to Apply

For instructions on how to apply to Game Media and Animation Media programs at FIU, please see the MAGIC Application document.