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Carlos Miguel Suris


surisCarlos Miguel Suris, M.L.S., M.M., Faculty Supervisor of Student Services, Instructor Department of Journalism and Media, supervises student academic advising and student services personnel. He teaches Mass Media & Society, including a fully online version of the course, Database & Public Records Reporting, etc.; also teaches in the Spanish Journalism Masters Program. Suris has worked as a media and business researcher, reference and special collections librarian and as financial and accounting consultant. This broad background has made Suris one of SJMC’s primary research mentors. His affinity for research is balanced with a thorough knowledge of music; he is an accomplished guitarist.

A member of SCJ’s faculty since 1993, receiving the Dean’s Award for Outstanding Faculty in 2007, he pioneered SCJ’s online collaboration with FIU’s Online Learning Center. In addition, he has chaired the SCJ’s Curriculum Committee since 2005, in which he has participated in various re-structuring initiatives of the SCJ curriculum. Prior to becoming SCJ’s Supervisor of Student Services, he was the Coordinator of the Student Resource Center.

office: ACII 233A
phone: (305) 919-5625