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Kate MacMillin


Assistant Professor in the Department of Journalism and Media, Kate MacMillin has a B.A. from Boston University and a Master’s Degree in English Literature from Simmons College in Boston. Kate is the producer of the award-winning documentary “South Florida’s Rising Seas,” which aired on WPBT2 in 2014 and was repurposed by PBS NewsHour for their national newscast, as well as featured in the Sun-Sentinel and Miami Herald. She and three other SCJ colleges won the prestigious 2014-15 Challenge Fund for Innovation in Journalism Education grant to conduct community-engaged journalism about the threats of sea level rise in South Florida.

In 2006 she won a School Excellence in Teaching award. In 2009, she co-executive produced the HIV/AIDS documentary “Lessons from South Africa,” and the Web series “The Stigma Stops with Me.” This two-year AIDS initiative culminated in a one-hour special, “Tell Somebody: The New Face of AIDS,” which aired on WPBT, October 15, 2009. In the spring of 2010, she and former Associate Dean, Allan Richards, were honored to pass the first round of 2010 Knight News Challenge cuts for “Tell Somebody: Raising community awareness about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Florida.”

Kate is a 40-year TV veteran, having produced for PBS, cable and network television. She began her career at WBZ-TV/Boston as and editor of children’s and documentary programs. In the ‘80s she moved to NYC where she supervised the educational TV series for cable, “The Animal Express,” starring Joan Embery. Called to WTTW/Chicago to create programming for public television, she stayed for 10 years directing, producing and co-writing nationally and internationally distributed programs. In the ‘90s she entered the burgeoning documentary cable business at Towers Productions/Chicago as the supervising producer of “The Unexplained,” an award-winning A&E 54-hour series. As VP of development, she secured the much sought-after option for The New York Times bestseller, “Blind Man’s Bluff,” which aired on The History Channel. She also developed their first co-pro with the New York Times, “Times Capsule,” a two-hour millennium special.

She is the CEO of MacMillin Consulting, Inc. and has recently sold the TV and film rights for John Virtue’s book: “South of the Color Barrier: How Jorge Pasquel and the Mexican League Pushed Baseball Toward Racial Integration” to TeamWorks Media/Chicago.

e-mail: macmilli@fiu.edu
phone: 305-919-4504