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Moses Shumow


shumowMoses Shumow is an assistant professor in the Department of Journalism and Media. His work focuses on the production and consumption of immigrant and Hispanic/Latino media in transnational communities and globalized contexts, communication and the press in neoliberal geographies, and the growth, relevance and influence of Spanish-language media for Hispanic/Latino audiences in the United States. Dr. Shumow’s work has been published in Media, Culture, & Society, Journalism: Theory, Practice, Critique, Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, The Taiwan Journal of Democracy and International Journal of Communication, among others. He is also the editor of the volume Mediated Communities: Citizen Engagement, Empowerment, and Media Literacy in the Digital Age (Peter Lang, 2015), and in under contract for a forthcoming co-authored book titled Mediatized geographies: News, neoliberalism and the fragmentation of Miami (Lexington).


Dr. Shumow teaches course in digital media theory and production, a graduate course on the theories of mass communication, as well as a Global Learning media literacy course available to all undergraduates titled, “How We Know What We Know.” During his time at FIU, Dr. Shumow has been the recipient of the FIU Faculty Award for Excellent in Engagement (2014), the SJMC Deans’ Research Productivity Award (2013), the SJMC Award of Excellence for Exceptional Teaching (2011), and in 2012 was nominated for the FIU Community Award. His work has been funded through a SJMC Dean’s Summer Research grant and an FIU Global Learning Faculty Fellowship. Prior to earning a PhD from the University of Miami, he spent nearly a decade in documentary film production, working to create nationally broadcast programming for channels such as Discovery Channel, PBS, and National Geographic.



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